Clean Library hangs - looking for removed network share?


When I first got my Vero I added the Tv folder on my old PCH A-110 as an NFS share so I could finish watching the last few things I had on there as I switched to the Vero.

When I was done I removed the share - however, when I clean the library now the process just hangs. If I power up the old (removed) PCH A-110 the process completes fine. I’m not certain but it appears to hang looking for the old network share (when the PCH is off).

Is there anywhere to check this and if so remove the reference to it?

log here

I suspect you’ve run into a long standing “design flaw” in Kodi (I would call it a bug, but apparently the Kodi devs don’t agree) whereby removing a source which had content scanned into the library without choosing to remove the content from the library at that time leaves “orphaned” entries for all the files in that source in your library.

In other words it’s not enough to simply remove a source, you must say yes to removing all content from the library belonging to that source when it prompts you to otherwise all those library entries remain even though there is no source configured any more. This is apparently because the library database entries contain the direct path to the files rather than referring to them via sources.xml - so when the source path is removed from sources.xml the library entries still contain the paths to the files. (Unless you chose to remove them at that time)

So when you try to clean the library it is searching for those orphaned entries to see if their files still exist, and you will notice they still appear in the Library too. Getting rid of these orphaned entries is not easy from the GUI - I think the only way to do this is to re-add an identical source with the exact same network path, tell it to scan into the library, then remove the source and this time make sure you say yes to removing all items from the library.

If you search on the forum you should find quite a few posts about the issue - I know I managed to find some explaining the problem when I got bitten by the same thing…

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Cheers DBMandrake for the clear and concise response. I’ll attempt to re-add and remove and see if the problem persists.


Hopefully that works, because once I understood the problem I ended up just deleting all the sources, the library, adding the sources again and rescanning everything…luckily my library isn’t too big or complicated so a full rescan isn’t that much of a hassle.

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I had this problem a few days ago. Re-adding the source and removing it and all it’s entries from the database didn’t solve the problem for me.

What did work was manually deleting my whole database.

It can be found here: