Clean library takes 10 min or more

Revisiting this old issue, as the last post on the subject seems to be this one from May 2015: Clean Library hangs - looking for removed network share?
possibly solutions have changed.

Very much like what is described in the post, I too suffer incredibly long clean ups, which started after removing a source but keeping the content.
Is there anyway to fix this without rebuilding the library?

Thank you!

I think you may need to recreate the library.

Hi Sam.
I take your word to be the final say, and will proceed to do so.

Just out of curiosity, why do think there’s no other way?
I assume the clean up process works according to some sort of list containing library paths (created when the library was first built and/or whenever a path was added to it), is this list un-editable?

Thanks as always for your swift replies!

You could probably poke around with an SQLite database browser, however to guarantee you have a functional database, it’s probably best to start fresh.

Unfortunately I am not fully familiar with the database schema as it does change a fair amount or I would offer a better solution


Fair enough.
Again, thanks for your assistance.


Hey Sam, just got around to this but can’t find an explanation as to how I go about factory restoring my Vero…

To restore a 2015 era Vero, remove the SD card, put it in a computer and use the installer at

Thanks. Using the disk image is the right way to go for the Vero right?
Namely, just erase what’s on my SD, expand and copy the included 4 files from here to the SD: ?

This would indicate that using the installer is the “right way”

Thanks for the snappy tone. I’m actually quite adapt at reading, and wouldn’t have asked without a reason.

To the point, the installers are for Windows, OS X and Linux. When choosing Linux, a second screen comes up with 6 optional builds, of which I wasn’t sure if any applies to OSMC. That is why I asked.

I assume you refer to this page

This shows you the 6 main Linux distributions for which you can download the installer.
You choose the installer for the distribution you use and then the installer will download the latest version of OSMC to install it on the SD Card.

I know realise what I wasn’t clear about.
My hardware is a Vero 1.
Which Linux build is applicable?

The “build” is not related to your Vero1! You choose the device on which you want to install when you run the installer. You would need to download the installer matching the OS of the PC that you use to run the installer to install the files on the SD card. This could be windows, Mac or any of the Linux distributions listed.

If the PC which will do the SD burning is a Windows PC, download that version.
If you use a Mac, then grab the Mac version.

You’ll then be able to select ‘Vero’ on the screen and proceed as normal.

Thank you.