Configure Harmony Elite + Hub with Vero 4k/Kodi

Yeah, well… :rofl: I would’ve gone with a decent one-click solution as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably not EVERYONE. But if that said profile would have the standard keys configured that also the OSMC remote offers and a set of extra keys free to assign this would serve as a good basis for a basic setup that could easily be extended to something more personalized:

  • non-pre-assigned extra keys in such a profile: something like extra_key_1…20 (or more) for the maximum amount of extra keys, a physical Harmony remote usable with the Harmony Hub offers added to the amount of keys, the OSMC remote has - there are 13, I think

We’ve discussed some harmony ideas before. The problem is a consensus of sane defaults can’t yet be achieved. Maybe we should revisit this

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Yeah - these discussions were nice.
Thing is - all OSMC controls + the remaining keys is what is required.

Currently, I declare the OSMC controller in my Harmony, so I can use these. Period.
But I have no extra keys added, which is enough.

Re: Submitting to Logitech.

In the past, if you have a fully working profile of a new device you just contact their support team, maybe by the forum, and they’ll take a look at copying it from your account so others can use it.

It would be a good idea to match the Windows PC keys to the same key that Kodi uses, eg Set Windows PC “C” to Contextual Menu

I don’t mind doing this when I have time, probably next weekend.

I guess the one downside to BT control is you won’t be able to turn the Vero on as I assume that will be IR only if/when implemented. Although you could always have BT and IR on a Harmony activity

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I’ve been down the path of configuring a HTPC as a Windows PC and then pair via Bluetooth with my Harmony Hub, the problem however is that the device “Windows PC” does not have “TV capabilities” according to Logitech. Which means that you can’t assign favorite channels to your remote, which sucks. Too bad Logitech can’t figure that out, a “Windows PC” is somehow forbidden in the “Watch TV”-activity type…

I ended up using adding the Vero as Microsoft - Kodi which set it up as a Harmony Keyboard, not had the need for favourites though as they’re used already on another Activity

Thanks, this worked really well.
I’m stuck with one problem. The Vero remote has a “menu” button. I want the same functionality with the “menus” button on my Harmony remote. But right now when I press that button it acts like the “back” button. I can’ t figure out how to change this with the Keymap editor. Can anyone help me?


I have the same issue with Harmony 650 and the context button on supplied remote.i have remapped c to what I want and this works fine in menus but doesn’t function as the supplied remote does during playback. Which key in keymap editor do I need to redefine?

KEY_C probably


No. As I said, that works fine when navigating but when in full screen mode the command does nothing. I tried with a keyboard and its definitely not c as that doesn’t work in both those contexts I mentioned

What about “Context Menu”? - that’s the (Microsoft Kodi) Device Command I configured for the “Menu” key on my Harmony Elite and I think it does the same as Vero remote’s own “menu” button…

Tried “context menu” under global but neither of the two items replicate the supplied remotes functionality when pressing the “lists” button both when playing media and when not.

The lists button while playing video on the original remote is mapped to “o” /show codex information, but I’ve no idea how it also works as context menu when in menus.

ah, I think I finally know what you mean. The “list/menu” button in the original remote seems to have two different functions in Kodi, depending on the current Kodi activity?

to be honest, I have no clue then, and I don’t have the Vero remote close-by to test it and see what you mean, but I would be interested to learn more about this, for sure.

Yep, that’s what I meant. Quite perplexing! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not really perplexing and if you use the Keymap Editor you while see that all keypresses are defined multiple times depending on the window your are in.

Details can be found here

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cool! but can you expand a little more on this? from your comment, I thought the Vero 4k must be using some custom key map definition for the “menu/list” remote button

but I just checked under .kodi/keymaps , and I could not find any xml files .

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious… can you help?

Yes but nowhere does it state that multiple functions can be bound to a single key.

hi @pinn73, I think it does:

3 Structure

There is one global keymap and several window -specific keymaps.
Kodi falls back to the global map when the window-specific map hasn’t bound the key being pressed.

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I finally had some time to sit down and watch TV - my Harmony Elite (with a hub) is configured using a Microsoft Kodi device (using bluetooth). Its “Menu” button is configured as “Kodi/Context Menu” (for both short/long presses).

It does work as you describe (i.e., same as original Vero remote) - it presents me with the context menu whilst at Home, and the “CodecInfo” when playing a video.

I think, in your case, the easiest would be to install the Keymap Editor addon - it is quite straightforward to use.

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Anybody having issue with waking up the Vero 4K+ via bluetooth connected Harmony Ultimate remote?

Mine somethimes wakes up but most of the time wont…