Configure Harmony Elite + Hub with Vero 4k/Kodi

Hi folks,

after having had quite a hard time with my girls (Got 4 from time to time at home :slight_smile: ) using the old remote which was “snagging” with its age (10+ years), I had decided to get a new remote (Harmony elite + Hub) and finally managed to get it running without special/hard debugging configuration etc. as with my old setup.

In fact, what you need to do, is pretty simple to get the remote recognized by Kodi on the Vero 4k.

  1. Setup your Harmony + Hub
  2. Pair your smartphone/tablet with your harmony remote (Bluetooth)
  3. Load the Harmony app on your Smartphone, and configure the WiFi link (Note: Use setup new device)
  4. For the Vero 4K, Choose
    “Entertainment Device”
    • Manufacturer Name=OSMC
    • Device Model=Vero 4k
  5. Under Kodi - choose the “osmc-remote-lircd” as remote.

Configure your activities and you’re done…

As I said - painless…
Back in time, it took me a week to set it all up and understand how it worked…

A big Kudos to the OSMC Team for OSMC & The Vero 4K Device!
Thanks a lot!!! :smiley: for your ongoing help and providing us the best darn free/open Mediaplayer this planet has ever seen!

PS: if someone asks why I took the Harmony Elite + Hub (As it’s the most expensive device available). Simple: I don’t have any windows nor Mac OS systems here. linux only - and doing the configuration through a VM is a real pain… With the android App, you can play couch-potatoe while configuring it :wink:

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Can you tell me please under which option in kodi this is found?

I believe he intends to direct you to MyOSMC remote config. You’ll find MyOSMC under Program addons if you aren’t using the OSMC skin.


Found, thanks! :slight_smile:

Connected my Hub to the Vero 4k via bluetooth now, too… It’s so much more responsive than IR - as responsive as the OSMC RF remote!
The connection process is no problem, but the button configuration has not yet been implemented into the Harmony profile for the Vero 4k - just the direction buttons with the respective HID values are present. Everything else is missing.

To solve this, I added the Vero 4k as a Windows PC in the Harmony setup now and used the Windows keyboard keys which are all present in the Harmony profile. Works like a charm now, but it would be awesome to have Logitech put all the HID values for bluetooth control into the profile.

Or did you guys solve this problem in a different way?

I did it just the same as you. Added a Windows PC instead of the Vero in the setup and configured everything to my liking. It works just as good as if Logitech had an official BT profile for the Vero 4k.

Only downside of using bluetooth is that the Vero takes ~5 seconds to re-pair IF you use a different harmony activity (I have also a shield tv) that uses bluetooth because that means the pairing between hub/vero is lost when you activate that… and when you switch back to the Vero, it will need a re-pair that takes 5 seconds… I would love to have that speed up but it is not a huge problem… and if you do not have a second harmony activity with bluetooth (or didn’t use one in the meantime), then there is no re-pairing needed at all, meaning no delay at all at start.

I wonder if I can configure the Windows PC while keeping IR … Should even easier.

Doubt that will work… I suggest you use the xbox 360 profile (in my osmc settings on the Vero 4k and with the harmony); that will give you alot of keys to assign, not as many as a full keyboard but a few dozens, which will be enough for Kodi.

But that didn’t work with Bluetooth for me…

no the profiles in my osmc are only for IR, which Smurphy asked for… the xbox 360 profile there offers the most keys… a windows pc is not an IR profile but an OS, so no IR profile for that in harmony or osmc.

But if I compare the responsiveness of IR and Bluetooth, why would I ever choose IR again?
It’s so unresponsive and lagging when using IR compared to Bluetooth being as responsive as the RF OSMC remote… IR is usable, don’t get me wrong, but not really comparable to Bluetooth.

So, it would be awesome to have a harmony Bluetooth profile for the Vero 4k with all the keys you need… Using the Windows PC workaround is not very awesome. But good enough to be able to use it for the time being.

I have no idea, bluetooth is clearly superior… Sam too was surprised when I said I use BT, he said most users still prefer IR.

No idea, why :joy: Test it once and you won’t want IR anymore…

maybe many people simply don‘t know the keymap editor addon in kodi… if you do not know that, a IR profile is properly more appealing :wink:

So, we’re getting back to my initial point… A Bluetooth Harmony profile would be awesome. But I’d don’t have a clue how one can get Logitech to create one and which values are needed for the keys. :sweat:

The reason to use IR is that most remotes still use only IR or 2.4Ghz with own USB-Plug. As simple as that.

Well, if you don’t have Bluetooth, you can’t use it… But many will use a hub at least, I guess.

Anyway: Does anybody know how one could get Logitech to create a proper, fully working profile for Vero 4k Bluetooth control? And which values one would have to be used as commands?

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Have you guys tried to run the Hub without internet access? and have you realized how many times the Hub communicates with the internet servers??? and have you checked what the Hub communicates with the internet servers? According to Logitech, it is only a Keep-Alive signal. However you can then, from the outside, manipulate your devices inside your house passing through these servers, which means there is a backdoor into your home-LAN.
Even if they garantee their systems are secure, me, working in that environment now for over 15 years, know what these so-called secure environments look like.
Problem is - if you disable the internet access to the Hub, it becomes unstable. As soon as there is a hick-up in anything, it absolutely wants to sync with the internet servers - and won’t do anything else until then.
I have to power-cycle it all the time if that happens. What a mess …

Isn’t this slightly off-topic… More of a general Logitech Harmony Hub problem and not related to OSMC. :wink:
My question was specifically for the scenario involving Bluetooth control of the Vero 4k with the Harmony Hub.

If one chooses to not use the Hub at all or is worrying about security issues, that’s talk for a different forum, I think…

IR is super slow for me. Seems BT is the way to go.

Does long press ‘OK’ work to activate context menu’s?
What are you missing in terms of buttons/functionality after adding the device with the “Microsoft->Kodi” profile?