Configuring Transmission needs a HowTo


I think the most documentation about how to configure Transmission on OSMC is outdated. The current steps to configure Transmission Bittorrent client are spread in the Thread "[TESTING] Transmission app, mainly:

  1. Install and enable Transmission in the menu: “My OSMC -> App Store” or install from command-line (for RPi2):

    sudo apt-get install armv7-transmission-app-osmc
  2. Stop service

    sudo systemctl stop transmission
  3. Change settings from command-line, for example, to configure the downloads directory or port:

  4. Start service

     sudo systemctl start transmission

Why not configure it @ http://osmc:9091/transmission/web/ ? Y’know, the little wrench icon at the bottom.

Hey @Katze i’m agree with you but I can’t find any label configuration in that view.
And there is no official desktop app for all platforms with all options managed like on Deluge…
How to deal with that?

@sam_nazarko why the choice of transmission and not deluge for exemple? Will it come later?


Ah, can’t help ya there. I just installed Transmission just to test it out compared to Deluge. I haven’t really used it.

I use Deluge which does have a nifty desktop app for me to use. :smile:

@raspdealer there will be more clients added later on focus is on other things at the moment so please be patient // Regards Toast

as for the settings.json it doesnt need a howto it has a perfectly good wiki on every option

Simply didn’t know about that… Thanks

The settings allowed in the web UI are minimal. To get full configuration, it’s mandatory to edit settings.json file.

This link is dead.

well im not in charge of that wiki… so… :slight_smile:

Sorry to necro-post, but I thought including an updated link for anyone who arrives here via search was reasonable.

New Link:
Editing Configuration Files · transmission/transmission Wiki · GitHub .

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