Setting up transmission

I’ve installed OSMC on Rpi3 and installed the transmission app.

I’ve browsed forums in various languages (including this one) in search of help for setting up Transmission, but cannot find a fitting solution. Most proposed answers don’t match (either requiring a web interface to Transmission or pointing to files that are not on my drive).

Sources I used

So I’d like to get help with this, because the last 4 days of internet search brought me no further.

Using command line to reach the config file:

  1. I’ve set up the user name and
  2. password and
  3. download directories

Still I cannot connect to search sites when trying to add torrents.

Could you please guide me through this?

Did you also install transmission from the MyOSMC app store?

If you just installed it via the App Store, you can configure it via the web interface.

I added the app from OSMC App Store. I also downloaded the daemon from command line.

How do I get to the web interface?

This is likely a problem. You don’t need the installation you’ve made from the command line. Having both will likely create a conflict.

Use the browser on another computer connected to your network to go to http://<ip.address.of.osmc>:9091/transmission/web/

Can I simply apt-get remove the daemon?

That’s what I would do, followed by a reboot.

You need to purge it

Alright so:

  1. on purging it seems I hadn’t installed transmission-deamon after all. I must have missed what happened when running install because of the fonts being so small on my TV.

  2. I connected through my computer’s browser into transmission’s web interface. I managed to add a torrent by URL and download.

  3. However, when searching for a torrent on the OSMC transmission app, from one of the three default torrent search sites, the message “Could not connect to search site” popped up again.

So the error really is with this bit. What’s wrong with the connection to search site?

That would be a question for the developer of the the addon.


how can I change my transmission Password through Web Page interface?

Thank you.

You cannot. You have to edit transmition config file from console.

But I don’t know where is it…

/home/osmc/.config/transmission-daemon ???

Thank you for your answer.

Just come vero 4k i’ll make a guide, stay tuned… Vero hurry up!

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Yes, it’s there:


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You will also find more info about the settings in this file in transmition web site

Can’t wait for that to come out. Tried watching H.265 videos on a RPI… not today buddy.

I’ll make next week a very good week for you.

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I hope so!