Confluence not showing file quality SD/HD


I just installed OSMC on a Rpi2, where I used to have Xbian on Rpi1. Both with Confluence skin.
However, with OSMC on the Rpi2, I face 2 (minor) issues:

1: the movie quality (SD/HD) is only displayed after I have opened the file (movie/tv show).

2: Also, sometimes, when scrolling my movies list (55 only), the fanart does not get displayed (instead one of the previously scrolled movie’s fanart displays) and even sometimes the scrolling gets stuck for a few seconds…

Is there a problem with Confluence skin on OSMC ?

Thank you

Alternatively use a media manager like Mecia Companion to scrape all your movies and tv episodes, then set kodi to use local information as the scraper.

Media Companion saves nfo files and artwork, and also includes the media info in the nfo.

I use the with my three pi’s and dont need to start/stop the video to get the sd/hd flags. They are there when the video is scraped to the library.


Thanks ! Actually, by selecting the “extract” from System -> Settings -> Video -> File lists, it could get me all the info automatically and easily (took several minutes to scrape all the info though)

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