Connect to USB drive on VERO 4K+ from Mac via Samba

I’ve attached a USB drive to my Vero 4K + formatted it as Ext4 on my iMac via the terminal using very helpful instructions from fzinken on this post

I would now like to mount this drive on my iMac so I can transfer files to it. I have installed Samba on the Vero 4K +, here’s the settings:

When I browse my network via Connect to Server on my iMac I see 2 network locations:

When I open either parent folders - HUB (the name I gave it) or Samba Shares on Hub - it shows that I am connected as Guest, with the option to Connect As, which asks for a name & password. The osmc name & password I setup to connect via ssh doesn’t work.

When I open either osmc folders I get the error:
The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “osmc” can’t be found.

It’s obvious I’m sure that I’m new to this :slight_smile: so any help here would be much appreciated.

Also, why do I have a question mark for an icon on HUB?


The samba password is independent from the ssh password. So it is osmc/osmc by default.

Will be fixed on the next update

Great, thanks fzinken. osmc is now mounted as a network share. All I’m seeing though is 4 empty folders: Movies, Music, Pictures & TV Shows. Is there a way I can see the external drive in order to manage its contents from the iMac?



It should be auto shared.
Are you sure you got the Samba Share and not the UPNP one?

Maybe start with logs from OSMC. Uplaod via ssh grab-logs -A

Your one level too far down. Attached drives are by default mounted as separate shares from the home folder. Your looking in smb://[vero]/osmc/ when you are trying to get to smb://[vero]/[drive name]/

They should be shared automatically, if you let the system automount the drive. If you have made a manual mount, you also have to make a manual share in smb-local.conf.

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb-local.conf

    browsable = yes
    read only = no
    valid users = osmc
    path = [enter the path you mounted the drive to]
    comment = This is the USB-drive


systemctl restart samba

Hope that helps

Thanks for the replies.

joakim_s, I’m new to all this as is obvious. When I access the 4K+ from my iMac via terminal & enter what you suggested:

I get:

I don’t have any idea how to implement the other entries you suggested.
Would you mind expanding on your response? Thanks

You need to write them into the nano terminal.

When you haven’t touched that file on OSMC then forget it, it was just a thought.
My suggestion still

Of course, like ooZee say, the bit after the command that i posted you have to enter into the new file you created with nano (a texteditor), so copy/paste the text i posted after that command: th “[USB-drive]” is name of the share, how you want it to be shown when you access the vero4k+ fileshaareing service from your mac.

so you could go with [Video-drive] or [JoakimHelpedMe] =)

the second “[” “]” text i wrote in my example is for you to replace. with /mnt/4tbdrive or what ever the path in vero4k+ filesystem to your drive.

The way I wrote my last post was, for a person that has manually mounted a drive on the vero, usually are experienced enough to grab the information i provided and use it as i meant. But I clearly didn’t explain good enough, will try to give better instructions next time.

Thanks for your replies. I’ve run out of time & will get to it tomorrow.

I gained some time.
Thanks ooZee & fzinken, & joakim: I entered this into the smb.local.conf nano terminal as per your suggestion:

browsable = yes
read only = no
valid users = osmc
path = /media/HUBDISK
comment = This is the USB-drive

This worked! I now have the external USB mounted on my iMac.
It all seems to work fine reading/writing.

joakim, I like your suggestion for the HD name :smiley:

Thanks again all, I got there eventually.

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There is totally no reason why you would need to do this as/if you are using the automount this drive should already had been shared.

So I filled the 4TB HD I used, now have a 6TB drive which I had issues formatting. I think it’s correct. As per previous I just want it to be 1 partition formatted as EXT4. And I can’t access it on the network from my iMac.

To be honest, I bought this device expecting it to be plug & play & wasn’t expecting to have to do so much terminal stuff to get it up & running. I really just want it to work now. So any assistance to get this happening would be much appreciated.

fzinken, as per your previous suggestion I’ve uploaded the logs.
I assume I share the link here? I’ll reply with it if that’s the case.

I don’t understand what you mean by “using the automount”. Again my apologies for not understanding a lot of stuff here, I’m trying as hard as I can…


We can clarify after you upload the logs

Here’s the logs

I am on the mobile in the moment so bit hard to read the log.
Did you give the drive a label when you formatted it? With the -L option?


So same name as the 4TB? Assume you don’t plan to use at the same time?