Connecting to Bluetooth headphones causes 'Unhandled Exception thrown in Networking GUI'

I have applied the latest update which went smoothly. However, I do have 3 problems with the vero 4k which may or may not be interrelated:

  1. Resuming a film causes it either to crash back to the interface or show the sad face
  2. Can’t stream anything live from youtube (like the euronews live stream) but any other non livestreamed clip plays fine
    3. Bluetooth won’t connect to my headphones. BT implementation was always flaky, but even worse since the update[the problem described in this post]

Pairing with Sony MDR1000X headphones has not been possible since the update.

Bluetooth has always been experimental but is not quite unpredictable. I’d avoid using it for the time being

This seems to be the same as reported in this thread: Can't sustain a live stream from Youtube

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