Connman shut down when transmission is operating


Recently, I have a problem.

I have been using transmission-daemon more than a year but recently when transmission is downloading media files, connman network service suddenly stops and I cannot connect via SSH. (But I made a automatic script that make starting connman again)

But I can still see GUI OSMC and it works well.

Do you have any expected issue about it?



I don’t suppose so. Post debug logs, please.


There you go.

I guess the point is “cfg80211-error) wl_cfg80211_disconnect reason 3”.


See Wifi drop outs


I use Vero 4k and there isn’t iwconfig command.

What’s the command that is power management off?


Try: sudo apt-get install wireless-tools


I solved this problem with replacing 2.4Ghz wifi instead of 5Ghz one.