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Hi everyone,

I’ve now pushed our new Wiki to be the default one. While it’s far from ready to be considered a definitive resource, I think it is an improvement over the old one. Further – I think that the only way it’s going to improve is if it is publicly visible and users can work on it.

I have added some posts to it and a few team members have done some work on it, but we unfortunately have a limited amount of time. We would greatly appreciate it if the community could help further the Wiki.

The new Wiki is built on top of Discourse: so editing it is as simple as editing or creating a new post here. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, please let us know here and we will get you set up.

Creating a wiki post

Create a post in the General category with the tag [Wiki] in the title.
We will then read it and move it to the wiki category and it will then go live on

The wiki is read only so we can vet posts before they go live on

Contribute to a current wiki post

If you want to add/correct something on a wiki post you can locate it on and press “Make this page better” in the top right corner.

It will send you to the corresponding post on discourse where you can reply with corrections or new lines, which we then will add to the post.



Forum and wiki issues (new user)
What would you like to see in the ATV1 Wiki?

Ok, I’ll try to add some useful missing content.
Where is the wiki located ?

#6 There is a Discourse category at which has all the Wiki posts.



Thanks !
It’s hidden from the forum, this is why I didn’t saw it.


Yes, it is intentionally hidden as not to confuse users. You can either use the link I have posted above or find a page you wish to edit at and click ‘Make this page better’.


Yes thanks. After creation, OSMC team will check it before moving it to the Wiki section right ?

Topic like “How to install xxx on OSMC” are accepted ?



It is automated. If a change is made to the category it is automatically published to the Wiki within 30 minutes.

HOW-TO’s belong in the HOW-TO category.



Nice! Good work! Hopefully it’ll fill up really fast :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I can help out.

I know this might sound stupid, but the footer really annoys me, shouldn’t it be full width?


No one has stepped up yet, so it might be a while…

I think the footer is OK, it matches other pages on the website.



Hi, Community Advocate from the Discourse team here. This is a really cool use of Discourse! In fact, we’ve been working on and off on a similar experiment called LearnDiscourse.

I’d love to read more in depth about

  • where the need for this unique wiki system came from
  • how you put it together (what is running on? are you using the Discourse API? are you using canonical URLs to mitigate duplicate content penalties from Google?)
  • has it been working well so far?

Might you be interested in writing a guest post for the Discourse blog? We could talk it through in a PM.



I’ll send you a PM, sounds good.




Thank you for providing this information

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What topics need to be covered on the wiki? I’d like to contribute but I don’t know what needs to be added or improved.


Hi Max – I also received your email but didn’t get a chance to reply yet. I’ll include a list of topics that I would like to get some help with and the key points I’d like to include in those articles.