Controllers not recognized in RetroPie (Installed via OSMC)

Hi there,

I’ve purchased some game controllers. They do work if I install the RetroPie image. But if I install RetroPie in OSMC (like described in this forum) they don’t work. I’ve read something about the ShanWan drivers missing in the OSMC kernel, but not sure where to start fixing the problem now.

Someone with the same controllers that already managed to fix this?

The controllers (ShanWan driver?):

How I installed RetroPie in OSMC: [HowTo] RetroPie and OSMC: Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC


Hi. If this is a kernel module driver, you would have to find out which module to build and include, so sam can patch it into the next kernel.

Thanks for your quick respons. How can I find out witch module is used in RetroPie? I think that should be easily found out. And that one will probably also work within OSMC.

Best is to ask at the retro pie forums what module to build. Or just google for your device and linux support. Chances are something will turn up.

Edit: You can also use dmesg and lsusb to see what deviceid it has.