CRASH After Update

Raspberry PI 1… Crash on boot sad face crash sad face crash sad face… repeated over and over,

you previously said:

Q: I’ve installed the update and now I only have a black screen or a sad face loop, how do I fix this?
A: It’s possible that your Kodi userdata is causing an issue with the new version. The first recommendation would be to move it away and allow Kodi to generate a new userdata directory. This can be done by executing the following commands after accessing the command line58:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Can you tell me how I’m going to access the command line please, when it’s crashing during bootup and never gets to complete.

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Sad face loop is a Kodi crash, not a complete system crash. You can still SSH in to the command line and perform the procedure even if Kodi is not starting.

The sad face isn’t OSMC that is crashing it is just KODI.

You should still have access to the command line via SSH.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

OK Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

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Right… Thanks!! That worked and it now boots.

First thing… Ditched the horrible OSMC interface… Didn’t like that at all. Then we got that god awful new KODI interface that is trying to look like windows 10 YEUCH!!! That went… Had to download Confluence to get back anything that made sense.

So… now the problem is that everything I had set up is gone… all my settings all my repositories all my addons… all my saved watch lists… That absolutely sucks!!! It’ll be two days of fidddling needed to get everything back to where I had it.

Not at all impressed by this. When OSMC releases an update like this it either needs to properly import all the previous settings or it needs to give a very big warning ON SCREEN not just in here, with a clear option not to do it. The warning needs to be very clear that it will screw your entire TV Box setup if you do it.!!! This note from a very pigged off user who very nearly migrated to another distro as a result of this fiasco.

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Did you read the blog post at all? We also spent time preparing a quick primer to cover most teething issues
You likely just need to enable your add-ons manually as explained.

You mean like this?

FWIW this post helped me. Well, not yet, i just got the sad face loop on my Pi2 and haven’t had a chance to try solutions (SSH has never worked for me but hoping im smarter now).

Point is as frustrating as it is to have to reply, it does make it a bit easier for others to find the info (even though it already exists elsewhere).

Oh! that is a lovely big warning Sam… Unfortunately it’s not what we got here, because we’re not running your front end, we were running Confluence which we like much better, and it was set to download OS Updates automatically. That warning certainly didn’t pop up. What I got was a message that said an update had been downloaded and to install it I needed to restart did I want to proceed… So no, I didn’t get that and no I didn’t read the blog.

Quite apart from the fact that I have other things I have to be doing, like making a living, and don’t have time to spend reading blogs for bits of software just so that I can turn the TV on. Thanks

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My OSMC runs independent of the skin. It will download updates if you have configured it as such. It is fully customisable in My OSMC -> Updater. You’ve also just said that you were prompted whether you would like to install an update. So not exactly out of the blue.


Good luck.

I also do not use the OSMC skin (i used confluence), and have My OSMC set to auto update, and I got the warning. (the kodi auto update function updates the addons)

On my second box (ATV) I had an install of Kodi 16 and when I manually updated to Kodi Krypton I got 2 warnings.

Not sure how you missed it.

You sound like my customers who don’t read their car owners manuals after spending $50,000 on a vehicle with more functions than the space shuttle.
Maybe sticking with a simple set-top box from your cable provider is better option ?

Edit: nevermind. I suspect he’s a troll. new user and his name refers to a bad furry comedian of the past.

Less of the personal insults Spinner… I don’t recall insulting you or Sam.

Snarky… yes Sam, snarky and pigged off that I’ve got to spend a chunk of my time off, that I get very little of, sorting out the mess on this box and figuring out the quickest way to take it back to V16. Because 17 is dire.

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And just WHAT do you think the OSMC devs and staff do?? This is not a commercial operation and is done in other peoples “time off” I would really suggest to think a little before making stupid self centered comments, it’s people like you that motivate me to spend my “time off” helping out

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