Crash it every time

OSMC 17.6 Raspberry Pi-3+
This is a guarantee crash every time I do it. On home screen in movie section I select Actors filter crashes every time

Try Settings->Media->Library->Clean library

I already did before doing this. Any other suggestions ?

mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodibak

Restart kodi with Power->Exit. Re-add (part of) your movie collection to the library. Does it still crash?

Rebooting I get but what are you talking about Re-add part of my collection ?

I mean add a source to your movie library and allow it to get scanned so it finds Actors. If you have thousands of movies, scanning takes a while. By ‘part of’ I mean then just add a single directory as a test so it doesn’t take all day scanning.

I just tried it on my LibreElec 18.1 and the screen was blue for another hour then crash re-boot. Yes I have over 6300 movies. I think the Raspberry Pi3 doesnt have the horse power to do so

I’ve got a script somewhere to load 15000 movies folders and then add to the library. Will take a few hours to add but will test if it crashes afterwards

I also have over 33,000 TV episodes in my Library

Same issue here. Loaded up 16000 movies. If I go into actors, I get a crash after 2-3 mins.

If its doing it in LE then it will be Kodi bug. Bet would be to open a issue.
Debug logs don’t show anything useful.

Dang LOL ! I wanted to filter all the John Wayne Movies

Was this on a Raspberry ? If so I will load my Library on to my W7 setup which I dont really use for watching TV to see if its a limited memory issue

Yes, was on a Rpi. I did a few more tests and I think its memory related. On my device the free memory dropped to 20k and then crashed.

It did work once, there were around 120k actors!

You could always try to connect a thumb drive and set it to act as swap to see if it’s memory related.

Def memory related. Create a 1GB swap file and its working. Super slow but that’s to be expected.

Another reason to buy a Vero, then :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the Pi does have less GHz by .2 but the speed of it is fast for playing video’s
Vero does have an extra 1gig of memory that might be enough not sure till some one tests it. I will test it on Windows 7 ultimate Intel i7-2700K with 3.50 GHz with 16 gigs of ram Now that monster should weed out the memory issue.

Also the Vero only has 16 gigs of storage my library Nfo’s takes up over 30 gigs thats why I have a 32 gig card in my Pi which soon will be 64 gig

Which also fits into the Vero :wink:

But emmc will be faster than SD card so may produce an acceptable result.