Crash when playing .mp4 videos from my phone

Hi there,

while browsing our family photos (including videos) over christmas our Vero4k+ crashed on mp4 video files from my smartphone.
Today I had the time to test and reproduce it. The first thing I tried is playing some of the mp4 files on Kodi 18.5 on my linux notebook and it plays ok. Then I played it on an android tablet with Kodi 18.5 and it plays ok.

I can reproduce the crash on our Vero4K+ running 2019-11 with everyone of those video files. Since it plays ok with two other devices and Kodi 18.5 I didn’t started to change settings on the Vero but took some logs.

Full logs after starting to play the video:

The mp4 file:
Mediainfo of the file:

I just see a spinning circle and no video and no sound. It stays this way, see photo.

Kodi is completley unresponsive but keeps updating the debug info. When I hit STOP, Kodi freezes and I have to turn power off/on.

Anyone with hints or similar experience? Do I need to transcode all those video files?


This is likely the problem:

Frame rate mode : Variable

Searched around a bit and found this thread “Jerky Playback on some files”.

I will try some settings and disable hardware acceleration.

Probably my best bet is to recode these videos?

What I don’t like though is that Kodi completely freezes.

Indeed – it’s not ideal that Kodi is freezing on these videos. I don’t believe you’ll be able to play them with CPU based decoding however.


You’re right: on my notebook and on my tablet it runs with software encoding. But it runs and no freezes.

I tried reencoding the video with “ffmpeg testvideo.mp4 testvideo.mkv” and after that it works. When I find time I will reencode them all.

I now have reencoded all those videos with ffmpeg and they play fine now.Thanks for the hint with the frame rate mode.

I’m glad to hear that you have found a solution for your issue.