Creating pi 4 image


I realize that the pi4 image is not supported so feel free to delete this post if it does not belong here.

I am trying to compile the pi4 image myself so I can try it out. However when im trying to make rbp4 from mediacenter-osmc I am getting a cmake error:

it seems to have issues finding the function pthread. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix it.

The mediacenter package is already in repo, so you could use ours (upstream).

I am relatively new to all this but wouldn’t I still need to build the package?
Which is what I’m trying to do but gives me errors

What is your ultimate goal? As Sam has stated, the rbp4 mediacenter package is already available in the OSMC repository, so can be installed using apt / apt-get. No compilation necessary.

I’m in the same situation, my main goal is to download a image to put on a SD Card and start to use on rbp4 and retire an old rbp2.

If i have to do apt install, i’m assuming that i have to have an OS installed in order to run the command apt install… right?
Wich OS do you advise to install first? Raspberry Pi OS

OSMC is a complete operating system, not an application.
At this stage you would need to build the installer and some packages from source.

Hi Sam, thanks for the quick reply.

So, my question now is: How?
I’ve been seen this page: Getting involved with OSMC development - Development - OSMC but here doesn’t show how to build an image for rbp4…
I’m not a developer, so sorry for these dumb questions

It is not currently at the stage where a simple set of steps is going to get you where you want to go. Don’t take this the wrong way, but basically if you have to ask how to build it, then this currently isn’t a path you want to go down. A better choice it you wanted to get a RPi 4 running today would be to just install Pi OS or LibreElec.


Thank you @darwindesign for the answer.
I will try the LibreElec since it is more suitable to a MediaCenter use.

git clone -b rpi4inst
cd installer/target
make rbp4

Beware: that branch is actively force pushed…

Is that a Jedi thing?


this does not work, the make command exits with an error
“Failed to update sources”