Driver for the vero remote

Hi, i have a vero 4k+ and a raspberry pi 4 being used for a media center on different places at home, since the vero is connected to the TV, i don’t need the remote there, so i’m using the vero remote on the raspberry pi.

The problem is: i’m running libreelec on the pi, following the suggestion on this post: Creating pi 4 image - #8 by darwindesign
And here i don’t have the driver to the vero remote, my question is: how can i get and install this driver on raspberry pi running libreeelec?

It should work as soon as you plug it in. Are you sure your using the correct dongle and the battery is good? Have you tried plugging it back into your Vero to confirm if it is working there currently?

It will just work out of the box


Thank you for the reply.

Maybe i wasn’t clear about the problem, the remote is working on everyone of my machines, but on this raspberry pi4 with the libreelec, some keys (for instance, the volume) aren’t working as should be.
Looking on peripherals on this problematic RP4, i see that i only have CEC Adapter, and on the other devices i can see the OSMC RF Remote on the list.
That’s the reason why i asked about the driver, in order to install this device (OSMC RF Remote) on the libreelec.
Is there an easy way to install this device or driver?

Thanks in advance

As you have been told, you don’t need a “driver” you just need to configure keys that are not working.

You can see the keycodes here

Are you using a non-english keyboard layout?

You see that on OSMC with Kodi v18 not because there is some special driver, but rather because we tweaked Kodi to load a special keymap for that remote. This tweak will be part of Kodi v19 for all platforms. In addition to this their is a tweak to the key assignments to provide broader language support for the OSMC remotes with our OS. This tweak will be part of LibreElec’s Kodi v19 release as well.

This remote presents itself as a standard keyboard and mouse and as such requires no drivers to operate. There does exist some language issues with Kodi and keyboard input that IIRC had not mitigated in LE with the newest version of the remote. I could help you get this sorted if you really want to dive into it but as the next release with these tweaks is so close I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

LE might not be doing a release for Pi for a while.

I’ll dig up the instructions for older LE versions shortly.