Crystal HD support in Krypton?

CHD is visible in settings – so card seem to be detected. But when I start a H264 movie it only runs software decoding – in Jrvis it reported CHD as decoder and everything ran smoothly. All other info given above

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CrystalHD greyed in settings but switch is in ON state.
same shit - 100% CPU load and sw decoding video
(version 20170210)
So sad ((((((

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Same for everybody with a Crystal HD card then: No hardware decoding in Krypton. Any solution in sight @sam_nazarko?

Unfortunately I don’t have time to look at this now.

I will try and get some time to look at this for next month’s update. This must be a recent regression so I hope it will be possible to chase it down quickly.


FWIW: I can also confirm this with OSMC Feb Krypton version, after testing today.

  1. CrystalHD card detected and shown enabled in settings.
  2. SW decoding is used instead of CHD on compatible HD playback.
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Looking at @cortado’s log file I also see the same:

CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer

Errors as I reported in the other thread about playback failing.

There’s no way in hell CHD is going to work reliably in Krypton and later. 16.1 really is the end of the line.

Yes, I got CHD to somehow work in Krypton, but the performance overall is really bad.

OSMC team should just make a final legacy version containing Kodi 16.1 and be done with the Apple TV.

Show us what you have then.

You seem to only post on the OSMC forum in a negative manner, and on the Kodi forum in a negative manner when it involves OSMC. Your post history is proof of this.

Simply put. You’re full of shit. Remember you said OSMC can be produced in two days of debootstrap? That’s not true, and hopefully you know it too, or you should look up Dunning Kruger. I’m not saying we can work miracles with AppleTV, but you only appear to say when things aren’t possible.

You can only talk the talk if you can walk the walk.

Why don’t you let us do what we want to do with Krypton and AppleTV? Why are you so concerned about the outcome?

I don’t normally get annoyed, but when such crap spews from someone’s mouth, and does so repeatedly, I start to ask myself why.


There are about 10 things I’ve asked Sam to look at, and dealing with your crap is not on that list.

It is with concern for the best interests of the entire project that I am making an executive decision to execute your derision, to exit this diversion along the existing dimension and consign you to the extinct division.

Soli, it is with the lightest of hearts that I anoint thee the newest martyr to whatever cause you thought you were pursuing here.

I know that the main answer is “It will be released when it’s ready”, but … I am anxiously waiting.

So, do any of the ATV devs know what the problem with the CHD card is? Is the bug one that will require major time/resources to over come? Is there a rough guess ETA?

Thanks in advance all y’all.

I’ll have a look at this soon.

There are no other aTV devs. The number of aTV users is very much declining. I suspect we can improve things a bit, but not work miracles.

For clarification @Soli actually apologised in a PM, and I think there was some miscommunication here. He isn’t saying we shouldn’t do it, he’s just saying that our efforts could perhaps could be spent elsewhere. I agree – and aTV is very much reaching the end of the line, but I’ll take a couple more stabs at whipping it in to better shape.

You’ll have to stay tuned however.


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Thanks for your prompt reply.

Sorry to take you away form work. Just ignore my whining and go … go do dev stuff. :slight_smile:

This is my work. We say we support OSMC so it is indeed supported. I’m just being realistic, as well as cautious. I’ll dig in to it shortly and have a couple of eager testers that can help me improve things


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Alright, here’s my first post around here.

I just got my Apple TV a couple of weeks ago and my results are pretty close to cortado’s, that’s how I wound up here, consider it confirmed.

For my background - I started using Linux in 1998, I started using Debian late Woody/Early Etch and have drifted between Kubuntu, Netrunner, and recently Maui since, and I’ve been using XBMC since Eden, I recently put Krypton on my main system, I’m a little slow to update. I ran MythTV before that and did some awesome stuff with that.

My question - I’ve got some background here, but I’m new to OSMC and Apple TV - what can I do to help? I’ve tried a couple of shotgun style blind fixes. “sudo apt-get install firmware-crystalhd” was just a little too obvious to work and looked like it conflicted with an OSMC package. I may have a lot of experience and background on a lot of this, but I’m not a programmer. If there’s any way for me to help, let me know.

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Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. The issue isn’t firmware or kernel module not being present, but rather Kodi is seemingly not using the codec and falling back to ffmpeg.


Hello Sam

When will the support of the Chrystal HD Card again take place? Unfortunately, OSMC / Kodi 17 is not usable on the device without the support of the Crystal HD Card.

I hope that this problem enjoys a certain proiority and waits eagerly for the resolution of the problem.

Thanks and best regards


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the problem yet, so I can’t guarantee when/if this will be resolved.

maybe better to downgrade then, while it is possibility sorted. but is it possible to mark the version so that upgrades does not happen until it is solved?

MyOSMC>disable search for updates

Hi Sam

Is it possible that Scott Davilla (GitHub - davilla/crystalhd-for-osx: Automatically exported from can help to solve the problem?

Is there the possibility to use the database structure of Kodi 17.1 also under Kodi 16.1?

I have four Kodi instances (2x AppleTV 1, MAC and FireTV4K) in use and all use a central SQL database.