Crystalbuntu hardrive to harddrive install

hi can anyone tell me how to copy crystalbuntu from one hard drive to another hard drive, thanks Phil.

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OpenElec MUST be running from a usb stick on the target ATV1 only.

  • ssh login to the Crystalbuntu / ATV1 that has the source HDD you wish to copy.

In Putty or OSX Terminal:
ssh atv@ip.address.of.sourceatv
password : atv

dd if=/dev/sda | ssh “dd of=/dev/sda”
password: openelec

hi i have tried to make the openelec usb img and have tried two different usb drives, i get the openelec sign on my tv then a message saying need terminal for interactive repairs, any help would be great, thanks Phil.

Frustrating yes.
Are you unzipping the usb.gz image before writing to the usb stick ?

Maybe try Win32 Disk Imager to write the usb image after its unzipped.

hi am using terminal on my macbook pro, and using wiki openelec to write the usb, thanks Phil.

Download this handy utility then to write the image to usb:

ok thanks will give it a try

hi just dowloaded it i wouldn’t know where to start thanks anyway