Custom folder added to library - issues

hi All!

I attached a network drive to the /mnt/ folder (manually via command line) and added a few sub-folders to the media library. Eg. “Movies” as movies, “TV-Shows” as tv shows, etc.

When i’m adding new folders it appears properly, but when i deleted an old movie it won’t be removed no matter what i do. If i force a clear it says that the entire network drive is not available anymore and wants to remove the entire “root” folder.

My question is what is the best practice to add a network drive to OSMC? Could you please find me?
Sorry, i simply did not find an answer for this anywhere else :frowning:

Thank you in advance.

Thank you. Although it makes it really hard to add folders properly from the OSMC skin. Once i switched to Confluence i was able to do it.

Any elegant way to do this all on OSMC skin only?


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