DAZN addon gone?

Good evening.

A couple of weeks back, I had OSMC running smoothly on my RPI3 and used the Netflix and DAZN addons regularly and happily. Somehow, stuff went sideways, and by now I have replaced a Micro-SD-card, power supply and finally the RPI3 itself, besides reinstalling OSMC half a dozen times.

I noticed that I can’t find the DAZN addon anymore to install. It seems to be missing from the standard Kodi repository. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this?

Asking on Kodi forums would almost certainly be a better route to your answer.

EDIT: On further inspection, it’s clear that this addon has never been provided by Kodi in the official repo and it’s for good reason. It clearly is in violation of their, and our, piracy policy.

Hi there,

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your thread from public viewing because it mentions a pirate addon, repository or website. We cannot provide any support for piracy. You should seek support from the developer of the addon or provider of the repo.

To get a better idea of our piracy policy, please see this link here FAQ - OSMC Forums You are welcome to edit your post and request for it to be re-listed at anytime. Do not simply duplicate the post.

Thank you for your understanding


sorry, I’m admittedly new to the forum, but I would never consciously post something to promote piracy. I’m pretty conscious about that topic.

I can however not quite understand how you consider the DAZN addon to be breakign laws. I need an actual DAZN account to be able to watch their content, just like it’s the case with the Netflix addon, for instance. And, I get the feeling Kodi themselves are supporting this addon (or at least were for a while), as it’s listed here and here on what claims to be the official Kodi Wiki.

Also, I was able to install the Kodi addon without adding any repositories earlier this year.

So, if at all possible, I’d be rather happy if you could reconsider your decision to remove my post. Thank you.

After further inspection, you at right, dazn send to be legal and legitimate. The initial concern was of multiple sources reporting access to NFL streams, which is typically indicative of copyright infringement historically. It does not appear that these streams, in this case are legal and legitimate. Thanks for promoting further inspection on our part.

As far as your issue at hand, you should really be addressing the add-on developer to receive support. You might also notice that the add-on is also listed as broken add-on here.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, over at the Kodi forum, other people seem to have about the same issue. Seems it’s the right move to install it through Github from here.

Thanks for your patience and support in this, much appreciated.