Hi all,
I would like to know if it is possible to watch DAZN streaming service with Vero 4k
I’m on Kodi Matrix 19.1 version.
Many thanks in advance !

I never tried but @FaustoGSR should know how to accomplish this. I think he is Vero based, else i don’t see any hardware issues that would hinder it. So a guide for pi should work as well.

Hi, no feedback by Fausto … anyone has a clear answer if DAZN is viewable on VERO 4K ?
Many thanks

As I said, never used it, but i see no real issue with vero4k, in theory. DANZ is from what I’ve understood a widevine based tv-service. Vero4k has libwidevine support:

The I’m unsure if input_stream.helper is a dependency for DANZ addon, if it’s not please install it before trying to run DANZ.

@elche99 i have see the notification only now sorry for late answer.

Anyway on my side i don’t have a personal Netflix account but i have an Italian DAZN account and also the current DAZN addons it’s used the widevine for watch this content.

On my case i have used OSMC on a Rpi2 whit current developer build and the latest widevine libraries and apparently all works whitout any issue.
On my case i use DAZN from Kodinerds repo but it’s also have a github source:

Thanks Fausto, I’ve installed DAZN addon from Kodinerds repo but it doesnt work
Also in its settings is impossible to input my account data… any idea?
I’m in Italy with DAZN Italy account

So have you run the libwidevine script i linked to?

You have to do that before trying to install widevine, since there are some modified system libraries that has to be installed, in order to get libwidevine working.

I had a look at the DANZ plugin and it has input.streamhelper as a dependency. So no need to manually install that first.

So checkout the libwidevine thread i posted earlier, follow install instructions, install DANZ addon, since it will install the needed helper.

You need to download the matrix version of DANZ addon:

Thanks a lot, finally it worked but with the Kodinerds version of the DAZN addon