Default folder permission problem

I have my transmission configured to download files to “/home/osmc/Downloads”. When sickrage try to post processing a file, I get this error:

Postprocessing results
Processing folder /home/osmc/Downloads/exemple.S01E01.1080p

PostProcessing Path: /home/osmc/Downloads

PostProcessing Dirs: [u'exemple.S01E01.1080p']

PostProcessing Files: []

PostProcessing VideoFiles: []

PostProcessing RarContent: []

PostProcessing VideoInRar: []

Processing folder exemple.S01E01.1080p

Processing folder /home/osmc/Downloads/exemple.S01E01.1080p

Found unwanted files: ['Downloaded From PublicHD.SE.txt']

[PublicHD]/exemple.S01E01.1080p.mkv (None)

Retrieving episode object for 1x1

Snatch history had a quality in it, using that: 1080p HDTV

Is ep a priority download: False

There is no existing file so there's no worries about replacing it

Found release name exemple.S01E01.1080p

Destination folder for this episode: /media/Rafael/Seriados/blablabla/Season 1

Processing failed for 
[PublicHD]/exemple.S01E01.1080pmkv: File is 
locked for reading/writing

Problem(s) during processing, failed the following files/folders:  

[PublicHD]/exemple.S01E01.1080p.mkv : Processing 
failed: File is locked for reading/writing]

I’m already changed /home/osmc/Downloads permission to 777. But when transmission download a new file, this files gets 644 permission. Any ideia to solve this?

Sorry about my english!

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It still shows the PublicHD scene group.

I think you will have more luck asking this on the SickRage forum.