Deluge load Transmission list

My raspbmc got all f-ed up so I figured i’ll just load it on linux and backup all my needed stuff (like my var dir and transmission dir) and install OSMC over it instead since the RaspBMC project is going to end soon anyway.

My question though, is there a way to make Deluge (which would be a lot better then transmission) to load my list of current torrents from deluge (all stashed in a dir somewhere)…

You should seek support on this from deluge. Issue is not specific to OSMC.

Ah come on man, I’ve had enough issues with the Kernel panics already (it turns out the USB is corrupted! I can’t even make a backup, it just hangs at 13% and then crashes) so I have to start from scratch already…

Someone is bound to have done this before moving from RaspBMC to OSMC right?
Help a brother out O:-)

Seriously? And you think that FAR MORE deluge/transmission users haven’t done this before? This has nothing to do with OSMC and EVERYTHING to do with the two torrent clients. Please, apply a bit of logic to the situation here!


I spent hours and hours trying to get my RaspBMC back to work, with very little help from your side as well I might add and I finally just GAVE UP and figured I’d add a few hours reinstalling EVERYTHING because I have nothing else better to do with my life (sarcasm) because of lack of said help so I ask one tiny tiny little question about something SAM adviced me to do in another topic ON HERE (use deluge instead of transmission) and I’m getting this as a response from a Moderator? Are you serious?

Customer friendly much? I’m going to buy a Vero soon, can I expect the same service if my USB stick doesn’t work because “Oh it’s a Sandisk stick? Go to the sandisk forum, this is not OSMC related”.
Showing a little compassion isn’t that hard and I’m pretty damn sure you’d actually know how to do it yourself even if you have 0 experience with either transmission or deluge since you have LOTS more experience then I do with OSMC/linux based systems in general.

Can I ask something like this in either the Deluge forum or the Transmission forum as well? Ofcourse I can. I’m not a member of either though so I picked the next best place, the place where other people go when they have problems with OSMC as well. My problem is, I run OSMC, Transmission files not workie workie in Deluge, need help.

I haven’t really used them in depth beyond just test they work before. Now when you say export, do you mean export ‘in-progress’ torrents, because that will be hard.

If you just want to export your queue then I am sure you can right click and export the original torrent file which you can then import in Deluge.

So, you want me to be your personal google? Is that what I understand you to say? Because I don’t know the answer to your question here but, I’m sure it’s easily found with a simple search.

Why must you create a forum account there at all? Just search! I’m sure the answer is already on their forums or any number of other places! No need to make a post that makes you look childish with that kind of language at all!

Yeah it’s basicly just the entire dir of old transmission files that where uploading.
Nothing is running yet, I’m trying to get access to the files through a virtual machine atm (since windows obviously doesn’t load the USB stick) and I just want to copy everything that was previously running in my transmission and let deluge adopt the old files.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Here! Look how difficult it was!

Plug the USB in to Pi. OSMC will mount it under /media. This will save you setting up a virtual machine

Then copy the files to /home/osmc/deluge or wherever Deluge stores its torrents.

No you don’t HAVE to, you could just leave the topic and let someone who happened to do the same thing answer instead of just blocking the question right away.
Or you could respond like Sam just did who also has no experience with it but did give a suggestion based on his common knowledge.
If you really feel in the generous mood, yes you could google it for me since I obviously wasn’t able to find it else I wouldn’t be asking it. Seriously, I get questions that aren’t 100% on topic where I work (or moderate or whatever) all the time and if I can help someone with something that you describe as simple googling it just leaves happy people behind. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen in action, it looks great, you should try it sometime.

I don’t use any form of “language”, it does not make me seem childish at all to ask a valid question and then dumbing it down because you obviously have a problem understanding it.
Acting like a dck gets you dck like responses. That’s how the world works.
As stated above, I couldn’t find it, if you can or I missed it, kudos but don’t be a d*ck about it.

Yeah the problem is that it’s the USB 3.0 stick I’m going to use as a boot for OSMC so it has to be wiped preinstall of the new OSMC :stuck_out_tongue: else I would have done that, this is a lot more work indeed.

That’s weird, if I check the USB in my VM it says there is no content in the partition that held all my data. The weird thing is that it does say there is only 1GB of storage space left which could be roughly accurate if all the files are still on it…

It does detect the secondary boot partition though which it obviously cant read because it’s FAT32. The boot partition is there because I used uhmm I think it was Diligalf (something like that)'s guide to move SD to USB.

I’m sorry if you thought my response was unwarranted. I just thought I would offer you the most logical option that would be likely to take far less time than waiting on a response in this forum for a function that is in no way specific to OSMC itself.

I would still suggest using an SD card install for OSMC for now, getting all your data to /home/osmc, transferring it back to PC, then reinstalling.

It’s a bit of work but you should have less trouble mounting everything


Stating it like this actually makes it sound more friendly already at least, it doesn’t help but at least I didn’t get a feeling like “the f***k kind of response is that?” lol.

I do have an OSMC related problem now though, well, it’s slightly overlapping with RaspBMC but it looks like RaspBMC corrupted my entire USB stick, which, to my knowledge, is pretty much impossible. Yet it shows me an empty dir in my VM. While it does load it correctly because it picks up on the boot partition (which is FAT32) left over from the transfer to USB.

No idea how to gain access to my files now and it would be a hell of a lot of work readding all my shows and everything in my SickGear.

That’s actually not a bad idea, I didn’t think of that.
Lemmi give that a try, see if I have more luck with that then with my VM.

Well you should keep in mind, a full re-install will still be necessary to get to the final OSMC upgrade path from the current Alpha4. Also, there are no guarantees that full re-install will not be necessary from any subsequent alpha/beta until the distro is officially final. Just trying to make you aware before spending more time than necessary on things that will have to be re-built again in the near future. We’ve been trying to advertise this fact as often as possible around here.

Won’t there be an Alpha -> Beta-> Official release upgrade?
I was debating if there would be or not but couldn’t really find anything about it other then that OSMC seems to be auto-updateable if it comes to the Alpha versions.

Since support for RaspBMC pretty much stops (other then security updates) I figured I’d make the switch now while my system is all messed up anyway.

Not sure exactly how many alphas, betas, then RC’s may be necessary before final…