Deutsche Welle not working on Pi Zero but works with libreELEC

So, I just switched to OSMC from libreELEC and for some reason I can’t get Deutsche Welle Live to work anymore. When I select Live in any language, it just says “Please wait” twice. I’ve done basically nothing but install the Quartz skin, RTP Play and Deutsche Welle. I changed the SDTV aspect to 16:9 and mode to PAL and I think that’s pretty much it so far.

I have several years experience with Linux as my main desktop but I have pretty much no experience with kodia and little ideahow it works at this point. Any help would br great.

Here’s a link to my log:

p.s. Anything specific I should do to optimize for the Pi Zero?

Is Deutsche Welle an add-on?
Is the add-on version the same on OSMC and LE? Are you running the same version of Kodi (18.5) on LE?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did you restore the ~/.kodi directory from LibreELEC directly?

No, this is a fresh install of OSMC, just dd’d the image, did the integrated first boot setup and then installed Quartz, RTP Play and Deutsche Welle.

I just double checked that libreELEC stll works and it does, so it doesn’t seem to be a service outage.

You could try copy the ~/.kodi directory from LibreELEC
Stop Kodi on OSMC first: systemctl stop mediacenter; move ~/.kodi to ~/.kodi-backup.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try that in while. I’ll let you know.

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Alright, I did that but the result is the same. Two rounds of “please wait…” and then it gives up.
I think I’ll try switching to the libreelec’s boot config.txt and see if that makes any difference because I’m wondering if its just a perfornance issue being that the zero is the slowest.

It worked by setting the video ram to 160MB. The default 144MB wasn’t enough for this use case.
Thanks a lot for your quick response!