Device crashes when playing movies with Dolby TrueHD

Hey Sam,
quick question: Do you plan to investigate this further soon?
I just wanted to ask, because if this will take time for you to look into, I don’t need to check for new answers every couple hours :blush:
And because this issue is not a big problem for me, I don’t want to bother you with asking for any news everyday. So it would be nice if you could give me a short response.


You might already have discovered that you don’t need to check for answers. You will automatically get an email when someone post an answer to the thread :wink:

I’m looking in to it. It might be related to another issue. I’m not sure when I’ll have a concrete fix just yet.


To be honest, the real reason is that I thought Sam just didn’t see that I responded to his demand to upload 2 new logs and now this post would descent on the “latest posts” list and will never see the light of life again.

No — I’ve got a very complex way of tracking these issues so they don’t get lost.


I keep the tab open.


Hey Sam
any news?


It should be fixed now in today’s update.




This post is very interesting as I went to check all clips on my reported post and they are also defaulted to the Dolby TrueHD. I am sure my fix will work for this issue as well.

Better the link the issues together for easy tracking.

Hey Sam,

I did the update, but the problem is still there.
Crash on 2nd skip.

So @sniferx1 — the problem is only occurring for you on seeking?

@sam_nazarko it’s intermittent for me… I don’t know the crash is due to the seeking or due to my reported issue.

Sometimes it crashes without seeking… when I want to resume the movie from the crash point it sometimes hangs and then crash again…

Refer to my post for logs for all crashes / sad face.


Just FYI this problem is still present for me

New logs (Crash at first skip)

Do you have a small video sample to reproduce the problem? I’m struggling to replicate here.

I just downloaded this test clip and it crashed at the 4th skip I think.
Then I played back the file again and it crashed at first skip.

Just a reminder: This does NOT happen when I use the OSMC remote. It only happens when using the progress bar of the Kore app:

And only with TrueHD/TrueHD Atmos clips, with TrueHD passthrough disabled.

Maybe the reason is, that the CPU load is too high for a brief moment, when the Vero has to transcode the TrueHD track and then it crashes.

Thanks, will investigate.

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Does it crash when using the Yatse app as a controller? That would at least eliminate Kore as the problem.

Have you tried playing the same clip from local storage instead of over your network?

Yes, all attempts I made, except the 2 from today, were with direct connection over USB.

With Yatse the crashes do also occur.

If I see this correctly, this has obviously something to do with the TrueHD track being transcoded to AC3/LPCM.

Hey folks,
just wanted to tell you this problem still exists.
Opposed to my previous explanation, this seems to also happen when jumping to a chapter with the “up” and “down” key on the remote.