Did anyone receive his Vero?

I place order on November and it still is in “Processing” state :frowning:

Ordered mine on the 26th of November also “Processing”
Going on vacation end of next week hoping it will arrive before then.

Somebody must have received their Vero. It was announced Sunday that a few was shipped.

I am anxious to hear about the first impression with the Vero :slight_smile:

I ordered mine early on November 25th, even before the early bird coupon code was released, and mine is still processing… :disappointed:

I’ve been checking the status every day this week. Hopefully mine will ship soon.


Same here. Order date November 25th and still on processing.

I now have received an email that it si being sent. On the site I could find a tracking number, so all well so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I received mine yesterday. Just written a mini-review which is in a separate thread.

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Hi SamBurrows,
out of interest what was your order date? it my help others to know where they stand with shipping.

Hi, it was November 25th.

I just received mine! I’m in San Diego, CA and the shipping seemed to take a long time

Unfortunately it’s quite fast to most places but the US. Not sure why just yet. Was it held at customs for a while?