Difference between cubox and vero?

hallo all
what is the differenc between cubox and vero?
i mean, could you just buy a cubox and install OSMC for the vero on it? or is there a differenc???
please explane so that mr, and mrs potato can under stand it (if there is any different) :smiley:


i know it has been asked before
but the answers is a little bit confusing (or atleast i think)

Actually the Vero is a Cubox product.

So they are the same?

Vero is a cubox OEM product. It does not exactly align with any of the cubox offerings. Vero OSMC won’t boot on a cubox without modification because the boot loader is locked to the veto hardware. Cubox support has been announced but has not materialized yet. There are threads in the forum that link to a modified boot loader that works on cubox but OSMC is not optimized for cubox and updates will probably break the install.

It boots directly on this one (just for completeness): http://www.ecservices.de/SolidRun-CuBox-i2w-inkl-Wifi-Bluetooth-Netzteil-Dualcore ← the 100 Mbit lan is not a mistake, it’s just labeled as 100, but ti does 1000. The limit is there, in order to be able to ship 100 Mbit components, when the others are not available anymore. But for now all cubox is shipped with 1000 Mbit/s.