Different settings for HDR and SDR

Is it possible to have 2 different video settings, one for sdr videos and one for hdr videos?

normal sdr videos look fine but hdr videos for some reason need brightness and contrast set to 53 to look decent.

One posibility I can think of, is to create another profil with different settings.

Not at this time, but playback should look better on 4.9

On default settings, the 4.9 HDR-to-SDR conversion is undershooting the contrast in my 1080 setup exactly the same as with 3.14 (mkv file, imported from source UHD disc).

Also, my mkv’s always have a subtitle track which is not enabled by default, and as with all 18.x Kodi versions, adjusting the contrast is turning on the subtitles. I posted about this in the Kodi forum but got no support at all.

Have you tried adjusting it on your TV instead of Kodi? It is common for TV’s to have separate adjustments for SDR and HDR.

can you advise how that works if you are running an SDR display but playing HDR content?

It wouldn’t, but it might provide a solution for anyone reading this thread using an HDR display.

Yeah I’m running the 4.9 test version but HDR still looks… muddy… A bit to dark a bit undersaturated, maybe a little bit to low on the contrast…

It’s possible your TV doesn’t handle / know what to do with HDR metadata

Why would anyone play HDR content on a non HDR TV?

Because they don’t have a HDR TV?

I don’t think that is the problem here, i have a hdr compatible tv, its a Samsung ue55ru7020 and the tv does switch to hdr mode when i play a hdr video. Is there any test video i could try to verify that hdr is being displayed correctly?

thanks for starting my day with a laugh. For @Ainsley’s benefit:

  1. no HDR TV, but with access to 4K HDR titles but not their SDR equivalents
  2. a multi-client environment, where some dispalys are HDR, some are not, but you don’t want duplicate titles on the server, so ability to play HDR on SDR displays is useful
  3. some 4K releases have far superior sound than their blu-ray equivalents (the 2009 Star Trek and Blade Runner 2049 immediately come to mind). There are ways to mix and match with remuxing but you have to be lucky with the syncing.

In this thread someone posted a file

well using that test video the tv switches to hdr mode, but it flashes all the way to 82% (2000nit) @sam_nazarko why woud this be happening ? To me it looks like its setting 2000 nit as the max brightness instead of 1000 nit. that would explain why movies look so dark.

Because your TV is working correctly. Either your TV can actually reach 2000 nits brightness or the clip is mastered at a maximum brightness of 2000 nits or higher, and the TV adjusts the brightness of everything to fit within the range it can display. This is called tone-mapping.

If you have an HDR clip whose maximum brightness is 1000 nits then the TV should tone-map it differently, assuming it is set up correctly and the tone-mapping isn’t buggy.

Let me clear things up.
Why would anyone have HDR content on their hard drive when they do not have a HDR TV?

There were several legitimate reasons provided above… Are they not sufficient to persuade you to stop cluttering the thread?

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I’d guess the same reason that people have HEVC content when they couldn’t play it for a while…

They are.
To be honest, I did not read @ac16161’s answer.
Had an urge to immediately respond to @grahamh.
Sorry for that.