Disable splash screen on boot


I want to see boot sequence instead of the splash screen. So, how to disable the splash?


The forum search here works very well and provided this link from only 17 days ago.

But there is no cmdline.txt on the Vero

I will send you some instructions later

My error, didn’t realize this was posted in Vero sub… Apologies

I’d like to know how to do this, too.

The 4K+ is the cheapest box with specs good enough to run as reasonably powerful Linux box (no Kodi). Others fall short because of RAM, built-in storage, or distro with much fewer packages.

I’m thinking of using one to provide some services that I don’t want to run on the box that runs Kodi, so that a big UPS can keep it running for many hours.

What’s your “use case”? If you disable mediacenter, you already have a headless device running a Debian derivative that you can SSH to. If you want a terminal and keyboard to be attached, you can enable getty@tty1.service.

It’s just a habit. I set all my “regular” Linux boxes to show full info when booting. Sometimes, it’s the only way to see something, as not everything in the boot gets logged (especially if there is a problem).