Does anyone have a torrent client running on OSMC yet?

On my Asus router running AsusWRT I have rtorrent & rutorrent running and automatically grabbing torrents from RSS feeds.

Does anyone have anything like this running on OSMC yet? Rtorrent taxes my router pretty heavily when downloading, I was thinking the R.Pi 2, being such a beast and all, might handle it better.

I’m not married to rtorrent or anything. Just want a torrent client that will monitor RSS feeds and download. Would be great if there was an episode filter for TV Shows, as rtorrent lacks this for now.

I have installed the transmission utorrent client add-on from OSMC app store and it is working pretty fine.

rtorrent & rutorrent works great on my Pi, follow these instructions:

Deluge and its various addons, e.g. for rss YaRSS2

+1 deluge

no probs here

This is an very old thread and as you might’ve guessed, I found a setup that fit my needs perfectly.

I’m using Deluge for the torrent client, but I wanted something better than YaRSS2. I found that Flexget with the plugin was the perfect companion to Deluge.