Does Vero 4K+ Have HDMI 2.0b?

Hi. I read here at FlatpanelsHD that HDR10+ can just have a software update if the TV has HDMI 2.0b. So I’m assuming players also need HDMI 2.0b for hdr10+. What’s the HDMI version of the new Vero 4k+?


Vero 4K + is HDMI 2.0a.


@sam_nazarko What’s your take on this? Maybe it’s not a real requirement and I just assumed wrong?

HDR content is only starting to emerge.
Most displays can’t interpret metadata properly yet.

Even HDR displays aren’t doing a good job.

HDR10+ is a long way off (2-3 yrs) becoming a reality yet.


Bit confused by this statement sam. HDR has been part of the UHD BR standard since the beginning, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ have recently been added but titles with DV are available. I’d agree saying not all TVs with HDR support all formats.

HDR10+ is now. Yes only Panasonic and Samsung have only just done firmware updates but now studios like 20th Century Fox are supporting it, 2-3 years is wrong.

Let’s wait… Studios have only announced at IFA 2018 that they’ll release “titles” with HDR10+ until the end of the year. No word about those “titles” actually being UHD BD discs. They could also be streaming titles. Nothing is for certain yet and the industry is still working out which HDR formats will be given the lead and in what way the HDR “war” could be ended. Have a look for “universal HDR”. 2-3 years might be conservative, but looking at the difficulties even HDR10 still presents to devs atm, it’ll take time until HDR is working as expected in every scenario and until TV panels are really capable of getting the most out of HDR.

@sam_nazarko, as you remembered a while back I asked for this. Give us dolby vision in next version of Vero :slight_smile: I know this will lead to higher price of course.

I think Dolby Vision will be dead by the time we release the next Vero.
This is of course my opinion, but I cannot see it taking off.

When we actually see something with HDR10+ on a disc, we’ll look in to supporting it.

I’m actually saying that even TVs that support HDR do not properly support HDR. That needs to be fixed first before the industry can move forward.


TVs with 8bit panels claiming to support HDR is more the rule than the exception.

And I don’t think dolby vision is dead… It is the best format; let’s hope the best format wins this time - not the cheapest

AFAIK, Dolby Vision is a proprietary format that requires the payment of a licence fee and installation a chip.

You also have to lock everything down (bootloader; kernel etc).

This a 1000 times!!

Lets hope

Indeed. And therefore totally incompatible with Open Source Media Centre.

Let’s hope dolby sees the light and opens up all their current restrictions. If not; I hope HDR 10+ will be just as good. I can just base my views on what I experience using Dolby Vision on Oppo UDP-203 and the Apple TV 4K against my LG OLED 2017 model. It is fantastic :slight_smile:

More than unlikely. Dolby has not done that ever. And they’ve even gone stricter in regards to their audio upmixer being used for other formats than Dolby and vice versa. So, better not to expect any change to that policy - it will spare you some disappointment.

Basically HDR10+ is doing the same as DV, it just doesn’t support 12bit. But let’s be honest, most panels don’t even support 10bit properly yet. So, I’d say, DV is not the best format, it was just there first and that’s probably the only advantage it has atm.

Thanks all, well this is why I’m staying away from 4K for a couple of years, by the time I buy it might have sorted itself out :smiley: I stayed away from the Atmos/DTS:X thing as well and will get into that at the same time.

Staying away from 4K for the time being as well… But from personal experience, 3D audio is something not to stay away from. It’s amazing and totally worth it. And it’s been working just as expected so far :+1:t2:

They are more and more rumblings within the industry that backup that opinion.

As much as I would like to see an open, royalty free format win it seems that DV has better specs according to:

Video2000 and Betamax were better than VHS. We all know how that ended. It’s all about adaptation. We’ll just have to see what the porn industry is going to choose :rofl: