Dolby Digital Plus passthrough Pioneer VSX-922


Please help me understand is this a normal behaviour or not. I’ve got Vero 4k+ device connected to AVR (Pioneer VSX-922) via HDMI. In Kodi settings audio is set to passthrough, incl. Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3) capable receiver. I did not make and custom changes to Vero4k+ (like installing different firmware or some test builds, etc.), out of the box with regular updates, currently it says Dec 2018 build is in place.

The issue is that some of the files with DD+ work fine with audio passed through to AVR (information on AVR lights up indicating audio is decoded by AVR), but some do not (video is fine, but no sound at all).

I add to examples of the file logs:

  1. This file works fine, audio is decoded by AVR;
  2. This file does not (just video, no audio).

Obviously, if I turn off audio passthrough in Kodi, sound is decoded by Vero, send to AVR, and I do get audio signal for both files.

Do you know what the issue may be? Can it be my AVR is outdated already or anything else I should try? From first look, both files’ audio specs look the same.

P.s. there are no issues with DTS HD-MA or TrueHD, or DTS - all work perfect (incl. perfect lip sync).


The only differences I can see are different video formats (which shouldn’t matter) and the second one has a ‘delay relative to video’. Could you make a short (say 10-15 secs) clip from that one so we can test it?

Dropping test file. Just to mention, majority of video files with DD+ encoding have the same issue.

Well, That works OK here on my Yamaha. You had better upload some debug logs. Have a look here if you don’t know how to do that

Just downloaded the sample and it plays fine with my AVR Sony STR-DN840, display shows “Dolby D + [3/2.1]”.
Are you sure that this sample does not work on your Pioneer?

I’m just wondering what “aged” tools you are using since

mkvmerge v10.0.0 (‘To Drown In You’) 64bit → Mar 2017
mkvmerge v19.0.0 (‘Brave Captain’) 64-bit → Dec 2017
mkvmerge v6.0.0 (‘Coming Up For Air’) → Jan 2013

Actual is
mkvmerge v31.0.0 (‘Dolores In A Shoestand’), Feb 2019

I would give it a try and remux it with actual mkvtoolnix matroska tools.

Regarding the tools - I don’t practice remuxing myself, so not choosing the tools age.

Checked once again this sample file - same issue. I’ll try to extract better logs to see what the issue might be


Sorry, maybe I should have started with that. Enabled debugging, rebooted and went straight to playing the sample file.

Nothing jumps out of that log. What happens when you try to play the short clip you made, not the original rip?

It is the same situation with the short clip when I’m trying to play - no sound.

It seems to be peculiar to your AVR. I’ve changed the title in case anyone with the same model can help.

Ok. Not the newest AVR, can be some weird issue. Will check with new OSMC updates, maybe suddenly something changes and fixes this issue.

thanks for your time looking into this.

I reported assumably the same issue here: Majority of DD+ passtrough audio broken on Vero4k with Pioneer since 1.5 Years

Did you got any solution?

Yes, I did fix the issue - by upgrading the AVR :slight_smile: with current Denon avr-x3500h there are no issues.

I’d say there was just something wrong with Pioneer regarding this codec.

Ah well, congrats then :smiley:
Doesn’t look like it’s a codec as only osmc has the issue, and it was working in the past once.
Will investigate further.