Double circles next to movie name + resume issues

In the OSMC skin next to a movie’s name I just watched there are double circles. I was scouring through the update changelogs and it appears that shows up if you watch a movie multiple times. However, I’ve only watched this movie once. Am I missing something? Why would there be two circles? Also, is it possible to revert to just having one circle no matter how many times one has watched an episode/movie?


If it has 2 circles, you watched it more than once. You can always clear the watched status via the context menu, and you can reset it to watched once, but you can’t prevent the double circle.

As I said, I did not watch the movie more than once. I only just added the movie to my library recently and it was unwatched before I watched it. The only thing I did do was watch 45 minutes of it, then I hit stop, and then resumed about a half hour later. It seems the system is confused by this and interprets this as having watched the movie multiple times.

I do this all the time, and it will not show the movie as watched until it is really watched. It will show the partial circle until it’s completed.

Unless… If you stop several minutes before the end, then it will be marked as watched.

Or, did you have the movie before and add it again?

Right. Historically I’ve done this all the time without issue. I just installed the January update this evening so not sure if that has some funky behavior going on.

I did not have the movie originally and add it again. A fresh add, and even my Tautulli stats confirm this movie has only been watched once, tonight (not that I needed to check, but you know - to prove it).

Well. Something is borked. I just cleared the watch status from the movie (Art of Self Defense). I then skipped through to 47 minutes and hit stop. The movie showed the half circle (partial watch). I then hit play on the movie, it asked me if I want to resume, I agreed, and it starts at the beginning for me. Every time.

Going to reboot the 4K+. Sigh.

All I can tell you then is that I’ve never seen this happen. And I’ve been using Kodi for a loooong time.

If it bothers you that much, just use the context menu to change the status to unwatched and then back to watched. You will only have a single circle then.

Yea, sounds like you are having a database issue then. Is it a shared mysql database?

I’ve been using Kodi a long time, too. Since the original Xbox in fact. And of course this feature wasn’t available then, lol.

Also, there’s a bug where in the top right corner of the screen when you hit play it shows the start and end time as the same time now.

No. Rebooting seems to have sorted the resume issue.

Actually nope. It hasn’t. This is hilarious. I rebooted, started the movie, skipped to 7 minutes in and hit stop. Then I was able to resume at 7 minutes. I then skipped to 50 minutes and hit stop. And when resuming at 50 minutes it actually resumes at 7 minutes.

What skin are you using? I don’t see this with the OSMC skin.

OSMC skin. Nothing fancy going on here.

Oh, I see what you are talking about. When first starting to play. I never noticed that before!

That’s one for @Chillbo to look at.

That’s a bug introduced by this new update, I believe. I’m sure I’d have noticed it before.

Yeah movies don’t resume properly now. Can you test this on your end?

Resume works fine for me. But I’m on the 4.9 testing kernel.

It’s hit and miss for me. One time it may resume correctly and other times it will just start at the beginning OR resume at the first originally stopped position. I’d be interested if someone on the regular release can confirm this happening or not. It’s actually mega annoying.

I believe that this may be related to the the skipping issue that’s been reported.

There’s a skin update round the corner… I’ve fixed a few things concerning the now playing information outside the player, so this might be fixed.

Is the playing time and the current time always the same or only in certain situations?

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Always the same right as the movie is loading (top right location) but correctly displayed on the bottom right during playback.