Double circles next to movie name + resume issues

Sorry. I didn’t think it was majorly important. Oops.

I’ll play around with it some more. Thanks for all the input, though.

I’ve pushed a new skin update – but I’m not sure that will help here.

The double circles are relying on information from the Kodi library database. If it’s showing something weird, then something in the database is off… The same applies to the now playing information in the top right corner. It’s showing what Kodi is feeding the infolabel with.

So, in both cases, I can’t do anything about those from a skin perspective and I’m pretty sure that the skin update won’t change anything either. The now playing information outside the video player have been improved a bit, but it should’ve been fine when it comes to what you’re reporting here already before the update, @WilliamG. Nothing has changed about the watched status circles for a few updates now. And same as @bmillham has reported, both are working just fine on my Vero 4K daily driver :+1:t2:

No worries. Thanks, both of you.