Downgrade from Kodi 19 to 18

Is there any way to revert the upgrade? I haven’t a backup.
On Raspberry Pi 3, I am finding some serious issues with media that worked fine before. It seems they are related to known restrictions between Pi 3 and Kodi 19. So until I am able to upgrade to Pi 4, I would like to come back to working version. Looking for a way to avoid reinstall if possible.


You can take a backup via MyOSMC.
Then do a full reinstall with the Image from November and then replay your backup that just includes the configuration. If you have done that ensure to disable Update Check under MyOSMC afterwards.
Suggest to do that on a second SD Card so you always have your configuration save.

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I downgraded all of my machines to v18 and I must say, I’m very happy I did. Just in case you were on the fence about whether to do it.


I did it.
It is clear in my opinion from last posts I created sharing my issues and others I read from other users that Pi 3 users shouldn’t upgrade. Better HW like Pi 4 or Vero 4K should be used.
My opinion.

I’m curious about what issues you’ve had, so I can keep an eye out for them with my setup.

I’m running a Pi3B and my almost exclusive use-case is viewing OTA recorded TV. I very rarely view live OTA TV on the Pi and sometimes watch old movies I ripped from VHS tapes. I realize this is all pretty low-tech stuff, but since upgrading to the August release, I have not experienced any problems at all.

Based on reports here, I’m thinking I’ll encounter some issues at some point, but, as I said, I’m curious about when I might see that happen.

Hi FrogFan, check these two posts:

Thanks chemi.

I don’t know the technical details, but it appears the problems you’ve documented occur with .avi and H265 (HEVC?) formats. There are probably other problematic formats that I’ve missed. I just checked my files, and they’re all either .ts (MP2) or MP4. It looks like I’m safe until TV goes to one of these formats.

Meanwhile, I have a Roku player built in to my TV, which together seem to be able to handle anything else I care to stream.

Thanks again.