Dropped frames on video playback

My Vero V drops occasionally a single frame at least on 1080p24 with both H.264 and HEVC. “Adjust display refresh rate” is set to always. Frame drops do not a have regular cadence, it can take approximately 15, 30 or even 60 seconds between two drops.

What additional information could I provide to help pinpoint this? Also appreciate to know if others experience the same.

We would need to see some logs as well as MediaInfo to advise.

Here you go: https://paste.osmc.tv/sonuyuxonu.xml

I restarted OSMC, started the video file, skipped to ending credits where it’s easiest to spot the frame drop and waited to catch several drops.

I don’t have a mediainfo capable PC right now, but I tested that it also happens with 720P files.

Thanks. I will take a look tomorrow. Bit late here and winding down for the evening


Will have some improvements available shortly.

Great, can you please give some insight what is causing this? I would suppose other users also see this issue.

We haven’t had other reports.

You could try the Kodi v21 test builds found here: [TESTING] Kodi v21 release builds

Thanks, I will give it a spin. Is there a way to somehow see if a frame was dropped other than just trying to figure it out from the video?

Dropped frames are logged

If you’re using the OSMC remote in standard configuration, pause the video, long-press the “i” button, then press OK, then “back”. You should get a summary of frames dropped and skipped, and various other pieces of info. Note that you shouldn’t have this overlay displayed during playback, because updating it can cause additional frame skips. (To get rid of it again, repeat the same sequence of button presses).

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I confirm that it still drops the frame (did not use the statistics yet but tried to watch a movie and saw the problem).

Now I verified with the info screen and with a few movies, watching about 10 first minutes of each. The info screen reported for all of them a few skipped frames, typically less than five but always more than 0 during the 10 minute test. This is also coherent with my experience as if the camera is moving when the skip happens I almost always notice it.

You may have judder compounding your issue too.
What TV do you have?

Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector. It never drops frames with Chromecast, and I don’t recall seeing this when I was still using Raspberry Pi with OSMC.

I am also positive that the debug screen does not count all frame drops as they happen much more often than is reported. Furthermore, yesterday suddenly the video froze for half a second but skipped frames was still 0. The video file was intact and when I “rewinded” that part played without issues.

Audio never has any issues.

I have now owned Vero for six months and I have not been able to flawlessly watch a single movie - first audio sync issues and now this. I would like to get an honest answer: do you believe it will ever be possible to play video perfectly on the Vero? I can’t wait long anymore but will soon have to find a more reliable video playback unit.

Well, if the video froze then technically there weren’t any dropped frames.

I watched Dunkirk last night and I was getting skips and audio drop outs about every 20~30 seconds.
If I skipped back 30 seconds to rewatch it would play without issues.
I got tired of this after 10 minutes and told the V to reboot hoping that would fix it, and it did!
I was able to watch the rest of the movie without issues.

Do you see any trends like that?
Does it help if you reboot?
Seems like something odd is definitely going on.

This really doesn’t seem right.

Could you try uploading some logs again now that you are on Kodi v21? The main reason to get you to update was so that you were using the latest and greatest.

Can you also try playing back from local storage, such as a USB drive?

I am keen to get this resolved for you promptly

Many thanls


Is there some good “open source” video files that could be used for repeating the issue? Something which has constantly moving images which would make it easy to see when a frame is skipped?