DSD Playback

Hi all,
I have some DFF DSD files. They do not play back over S/PDIF. Over HDMI they get transcoded and stutter. Once playback is stopped, the UI sounds then lag behind massively until I play something non-PCM, which sorts it. Very strange, is DSD playback supposed to work or is it not supported?

DSD playback is not “supported” per se:

This does sound strange however… @grahamh, any ideas?

That and the stuttering suggests they are being decoded to a high PCM samplerate. You could try setting audio output to ‘Fixed’ and a samplerate of 48k at least as an experiment. If that doesn’t point to a solution, please post some debug logs.

On fixed and best match this seems to work. Thanks!
Is there a way to get 24/96 out of this unit btw?

You were using Optimised before? Never recommended.

TBH I don’t know what Kodi transcodes to by default. Vero is certainly capable of 24/96. What happens if you choose Fixed and 96k?

Edit: bear in mind that 24bits may not be signalled as such when playing stereo through HDMI, see here

Edit2: I just checked and we are signalling 24 bits now.

Actually nevermind, it is still having the issue playing the file.

On this topic, is it possible to limit playback to a certain bit rate for PCM without having it in fixed mode?

Not sure what you mean exactly. There’s bit depth that could technically be limited as well as sample rate - those two are relevant for PCM output. Bit rate is what you have as the data rate of music files themselves…

If you’rer referring to bit depth, then no, there’s currently no toggle to limit that to, let’s say, 16 bit.

I mean sample rate sorry.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.