DTS-HD-MA not always recognised on Denon and Marantz

I split this topic out from previous discussion on DTS-HD-HRA

Out of interest, did DTS-MA work better before we fixed DTS-HRA (July update)?

Which make/model of AVR do you have?

I think it works better after update. Need to restart the file a smaller number of times than before.
Denon AVR-X520BT

Thanks. Yes I’ve just re-read the whole thread and my head is spinning.

In July, we made DTS-HRA work. As far as we know, DTS-HRA is now recognised on 99.999% of AVRs - Denons, Marantzes Onkyos that had trouble with HRA. Yamahas and Sonys never seemed to be affected. That fix has now been adopted by Kodi upstream.

What I’m hearing now is there is an outstanding issue with AVRs recognising DTS-MA (only?). Possibly only Denon 5xx series. This has got lost in the debate about HRA. Is that right, @LED123 and @andrewvol? Also @yassineim on a Marantz?

In my case only DTS-HD MA does not work properly.
Yesterday I tried to run the file with DTS-HD HRA 3 times and it was always played by the receiver normally.

Yes, this is correct, I still have issue with DTS MA on Denon AVR.
I am on latest (Aug) update

Thanks both. We will look into it but it could be tricky - maybe some obscure timing issue.

Currently waiting for my Vero 4K+ and this issue is concerning.

Majority of my files have DTS-HD and will be processed via Marantz receiver…


I have a Denon AVR-X4300, and haven’t noticed any DTS-HD MA issues. What happens when it fails? Is there just no audio? I’d notice that, obviously.

Marantz 5012

The 4300 has no issues… It is one of the AVRs that we extensively tested with. It looks very much like only these lines of Denon AVRs (the ones @LED123 and @andrewvol are using) and Marantz AVRs (the one @yassineim is using) are now still affected by DTS-HD MA issues.

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We have had only one report of an issue with DTS-MA and Marantz. That was a different model and we don’t know yet whether it’s to do with the AVR or maybe a cabling issue, for instance.

ok thanks for clarifying.

My denon AVR-540BT is showing the problem with the August update,

When I get it working after restarting, if I pause the movie I can’t get the sound to restart

Yes exactly, DTS MA only. The exact model is Marantz NR1501. Please note that I tried 4 cables.

FWIW, my Denon AVR-X3400 with the cirrus chipset is running perfectly on the current firmware.

No problems with my Marantz SR6010

Marantz NR1608 - absolutely no issues with any of the formats (besides the known high-bitrate Atmos issue with Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2).

Looking into this, I find this on Denon’s website:

So X520BT and X540BT are not supposed to do DTS-HD-MA. @andrewvol @LED123

There is DTS-HD Master Audio In manual http://manuals.denon.com/AVRX520BT/EU/EN/GFNFSYdtphpnek.php in “Supported audio formats” section