DTS MA or Atmos

First I’d like to say a big thank you to Sam for getting this vero 4k+ to me as royal mail has lost one

This question may have been asked or answered many times. But cannot find an answer

Can the vero4k+ output dts ma or atmos?
I have the vero going through a denon avr x 4500h
Have done the updates on the vero but cannot get dts ma or atmos whatever file I throw at it I have tried everything I can think but hd sound
As I am new to any sort of media box maybe I have missed something in the setting
Any help much appreciated

Have a look through this

you have to select expert mode in the left bottom on audio settings, then the other options appear.

have the same x4500 and everything works quite well !!

Many thanks will try when I get home

Many thanks will try when I get home.