DVB-T2 Recommendation

I’m looking for recommendations for a good SUPPORTED DVB-T2 usb stick I can use on a raspberry pi 3 that is to be run as a TV headend server to supply a number of OSMC clients and an Emby Server. Preferrably one that supports multiple streams.

Also, will a RPI3 handle this? I don’t have an areal near my servers which is why I plan to run it on a raspberrypi and send it over the network

No clear recommendation but search the forum and you will get an idea which works and which don’t work.

@sam_nazarko is also planning to add a DVB-T2 stick to the OSMC shop if demand is there.

Well receiving the signal and sending it to the LAN without transcoding is not a problem for the Pi

Does it not transcode it before sending it across the LAN or is it sent in its raw format? Either is fine, just curious as I have no experience with TV headend server

This would be good! Any ETA on this or is it just if there is the demand?

EDIT: Does the Pi need an MPEG2 License? Have read in places that it does

Unless you instruct it to transcode it would sent the raw stream.

Well the Pi only needs a MPEG2 License if you want to play back MPEG2 encoded media

Probably a few weeks for the officially supported model


Any hints as to what the officially supported model is going to be? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been looking at the supported devices on DVB-T2 USB Devices - LinuxTVWiki and so far the August DVB-T210 seems to be the best bet. It’s currently around £30 on Amazon. Edit also this looks promising. Officially supported by [LinuxTV](PCTV Systems tripleStick T2 (292e) - LinuxTVWiki too

Are there any DVB-T2 devices that support more than one stream? The Hauppauge_WinTV-dualHD apparently does not but does not work with Linux.

Failing that, can TVheadend Server utilise more than one DVB-T2 device being plugged in at the same time?

Yes, but on a Pi you will have to watch out with the USB bandwidth considering that all USB devices and the network port use the same USB Bus

Valid point that. I have an UDOx86 I’ve not put to use yet so that may be perfect for this. Was originally saving it for the x86 versions of OSMC so will have to get another when that is released :slight_smile:

Perhaps take a look to something like the HDHomerun.
Nothing to do with USB sticks. You don’t need to be near to your TNT antenna. You need only a good network connection

  • HDhomerun with your TNT cable
  • TV Server.
    I get it worked with MyTHTv, TVheadend and DVBLogic.
    Yes, you need some more money and also to think about your “home cabling” configuration.
    What I can tell after play since three years with (french) TV TNT (play or record) it’s work’s fine (the most of time) for me.

It’s a customised DVB-T2 receiver.

Our price will be quite competitive, and as it’s an OSMC product, we will keep it supported across all versions of OSMC.

A member of this forum is already testing a preproduction sample.

what about promises:

DVB playback is good and is being improved regularly


now is pasts 3 months and still nothing only promises

This sounds very exciting! Can you tell us what chipset it will be based on or is it all hush hush?

Hi, I’m really sorry your tuner isn’t working as expected.

If you’re referring to the Vero 4K:

  • Last month we added support for a variety of new tuners, with backports from 4.x kernel
  • We continue to improve DVB support. There’s currently a 64-bit > 32-bit pointer issue which will be fixed in the next reply.

Then I suspect things will work for you. If you’re willing to test these improvements earlier, send me a PM and we’ll get your tuner up and running. We won’t be able to support every tuner under the sun but I’m confident we’ll have a significant majority, and most of the ones commonly found on the market supported supported soon enough.

If you’re willing to test, send me a PM and I can send you some improvements in advance



There’s no point in us trying to obscure our OEMs. People can always find out and these OEMs have good reputations. It’s a Panasonic – but beware of buying other models online. Some models look similar with entirely different chipsets under the hood. This is particularly prominent with SD cards and WiFi dongles.

The OSMC one won’t be more expensive than any other brand. But you will buy it and you will know it will always work. Some people would even pay a premium for that. No premium necessary here.


Sounds excellent. I will hold off on purchasing one.

Yes I have come across that problem with SD cards and wifi dongles before (especially ones that can do packet injection). Not surprised its the same for TV Dongles.

Technically wise is this dongle going to support more than one stream at a time - ie watching and recording?
Whats the time scales on the release of this? I realise you may not want to say anything as timescales can always be hard to keep and you get people who you can’t quite please… so no worries if not

You can always watch and record two (or more) channels if they are on the same frequency (mux). AFAIK, to receive two muxes, you need two tuners. Not many dongles have two tuners, but if the osmc one does, it’ll be a no-brainer.


Just one tuner planned. Can’t trivially do a dual tuner without a separate ‘box’. The cost would also increase a fair bit – more than just the cost of adding 2x tuners.


Nope that makes perfect sense, sounds like I will be able to use two tuners fine anyway. Looking forward to seeing what you release!

Remember you could simply buy two of the tuners and connect each to its own USB port. A simple Y splitter on the end of the aerial allows you to connect it to both tuners.

I thought 2 tuners was going to be a minimum for me, but started with one and it’s been fine. As others have said a single tuner tunes to a single mux, but that carries more than one channel.

Also, the rise of streaming services like iplayer mean you only tend to record programmes that you are likely to want to rewatch longer term.

Quite. I rarely find a need to record two programmes at one time and the +1 channels can help with that. But if you have a big family who all want to record different stuff…