DVB-T2 Recommendation

Will it support the German (and I guess other countries will follow) HEVC/H.265 DVB-T2 (UK is H.264/MPEG2)?

I rarely (never) need to record one programme and watch another at the same time.
However, I have had plenty of failed recordings “time missed”… where I guess I must have scheduled
one recording at (or during) the same time as another on a different channel (MUX).

Having a second tuner would eliminate that, because when I look at the guide for the
week, and select my recordings … TVH doesn’t tell me that there’s an overlap.
It would be a bit of a pain to have to double-check each scheduled recording in-case it’s on a
different MUX in the same time period.

For this reason, I’ll probably go for second tuner (OSMC, of course :slight_smile:

For me I’m more interested in streaming live TV to places I do not have access to an areal. So will need a few tuners for my situation

Yes – it will, but only unencrypted / FTA channels.


It took a little longer than expected, but the DVB-T2 dongle is now available on the OSMC Store. You’ll have to excuse the photograph: we plan to do a better shoot next week.

The dongle is supported by OSMC and our plan is to keep it supported in the future with OSMC.



After september update still dvb-t not working ,what a waste of money and time. “Very good support” and now after relase own dvb stick i think support goes only own adapter.
I asked before purchase 6 months ago about dvb-t drivers and support and sam answered :
DVB playback is good and is being improved regularly

Start a forum post with your DVB adapter’s make and model and a full set of logs and we will get it running.

We will support most adapters but it’s not going to be possible for us to support every adapter out there. Some vendors don’t provide proper drivers or even any drivers for Linux at all.

Is there any documentation / support for the official osmc tuner ? I`ve brought one and struggling to get any output.

Did you install and configured TVHeadend Server from the App Store?
Basically you need to install the TVHeadend Server, then configure the DVB-T2 dongle, scan for channels. If everything is fine with the server you then configure the TVHeadend Client addon to point to the local server.

yes did all that included october update for osmc so card was detected. Basically unable to scan any muxs/see any services in TvHeadEnd. Im probably missing a step so just wondered if there was a guide.

There was a pretty good guide been written most likely 2 years ago. Suggest to search here in the forum for tvheadend guide

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Usually you select your area, so in the UK I would select uk-CrystalPalace and then TVH will start scanning for services.


yeah I created a network and used the pre-defined mux`s for my area but just get scan failed. Is there any means to test card / signal from CLI ?

W-scan can usually work for this.
What country are you in?

Also – can you post a set of logs?


I removed TvHeadEnd and installed again seems to be OK now - maybe as I installed TvHeadEnd prior to osmc update it caused an issue with the card.

Glad it’s OK now.

Unfortunately with logs we can only speculate as to what the issue was.


Just installed TVHeadend server on Vero 4K (latest October update) but no option on how to configure the OSMC DVB-T2 dongle.
May somebody help on this?

This guide even so for an earlier version of TVHeadend should still be applicable