DVB-T2 TV Dongle from the OSMC store not recognised on Vero 4K

I bought the DVB-T2 TV Dongle/Adapter from the OSMC store and connected it directly (without a USB-Hub) to my Vero 4K running OSMC 2017.09-2.
Unfortunately, the TVHeadend server cannot see the adapter.
Apparently, I’m facing the same situation as this user: [TESTING] Support for DVB adapters - #20 by Aidan

In dmesg, this line struck me:

[    4.663576] dvb_usb_rtl28xxu: probe of 1-2:1.0 failed with error -22

Full logs from my configuration can be found here:

It looks similar to the log provided by this user: Realtek RTL2832 DVB-T adapter not working
My adapter also uses a Realtek RTL2832 and it doesn’t appear in /dev/dvb/ on my Vero 4K (dvb/ doesn’t even exist in /dev/).

However, I’m not quite satisfied with the advice to run the TVHeadend server on a different device for the moment. The store says it worked with all OSMC devices, which would include Vero 4K, wouldn’t it?

Do i need to do the steps described in [TESTING] Support for DVB adapters?

Your device isn’t up to date, I’ll advice in the other post.