Earphone control volume?


Is it possible to control the volume of my headphone from OSMC/Rpi 3B+ ? Through the remote control of my tv ?

I also disabled the BT, as the reactivate ?

Thx !

Only if you have some keys on the TV remote that are transmitted via CEC that you can reassign as the volume keys will only control the TV.
Alternatively use an App like Yatse or get the OSMC remote

Sure ? I want the sound to be on my headphones and not my TV, it’s possible I think, with headphones that I had tested, when he connect with him he took over.

And how can I activate the BT ?

I really doubt your TV remote transmits the Volume keys via CEC therefore I suggest to use other spare ones (but by my guest to check if the volume keys are transmitted.

Do you mean how to connect BT Headphones?

Yes that’s what I forgot to say, how to add on other keys the volume ?

I disable the BT via the command “echo” dtoverlay = pi3-disable-bt “| sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt”

how to put it back ?

You would depend on which keys a transmitted via CEC (can’t manually add them) to check that activate debug logging and run tail -f .kodi/temp/kodi.log then press all buttons and check which ones create a log entry.
When you identified two keys you want to use you can then reconfigure using keymap addon.

sudo nano /boot/config.txt and then remove the line

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What I want is how to direct the volume to the headphones when I turn them on and not the speakers of the TV.

She is not there, but no matter I put my backup.

Now I have another problem, I can not pair my earphones, “pairing is failed”

I need to install packages or other manip ?

Thx :slight_smile:

You could just connect the headphones directly to the TV. Or do you need to have separate controls for the headphones and the TV?

Yes I use a transmitter, this :

Now I have the RPi3B + with bluetooth and I would like to try whether it is more advantageous to go through it or not ?

You would need to switch that manually (or use an add-on to do that.
If you connect Bluetooth Headset (as explained below) it will switch automatically.

You need to install a2dp package, see

and also depending if it is a proper headphone or a headset set the sink respectively, see

it’s complicated. I can not update bluez

When I try to pair bluetoothctl > org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed

Did you install bluez manually?

I followed this tutorial Updating BlueZ on Raspberry Pi (from 5.43 to 5.50)

But I have errors :

You would have to reverse everything you did from that tutorial and install the a2dp as I linked above.
Maybe easiest is to start with a fresh install

Same thing, start with a fresh install, OSMC ?

Yes, they both cannot exist without conflicting.

Which one do I install ?

You were already advised…

but a new installation of what ? OSMC or packages ?

Both. And the correct a2db this time, not bluez