ERROR: Open - error probing input format

From the log :

ERROR: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer
ERROR: Open - error probing input format
I was watching a stream last night and all of a sudden it froze and now just getting error messages in the log.It has been working for some time and now it doesn’t .
Anybody any ideas ? I think its something to do with OMXplayer . It works fine on VLC and WMP and also works on android and Iphone.
I was watching the stream and all of a sudden it froze .I have tried it from a different server and that also fails .

Anybody any ideas ?

Yes, provide a complete set of logs.

it is rc3 , just installed rc2 and it works , would you like normal log or debug log?

ALWAYS debug logs please.

can I attach the log here?

Did you read the link I provided sir?

yes I have uploaded to pastebin , thankyou for your quick replies

uploaded all logs and selected all categories in debugging section

Then you must provide the URL to the paste here.

sorry its

thanks for your help by the way

this is the original error from the normal kodi.log

“15:18:54 T:1539154976 NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
15:18:54 T:1530766368 INFO: CFileCache::Process - Hit eof.
15:18:54 T:1539154976 ERROR: Open - error probing input format, pvr://channels/tv/All channels/55.pvr
15:18:54 T:1539154976 ERROR: Previous line repeats 9 times.
15:18:54 T:1539154976 ERROR: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer
15:18:54 T:1539154976 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()”

====================== APT term.log ======================= RcBRrsRs
apt term.log not found
====================== APT history.log ======================== B8sj7DO8
apt history.log not found

This seems to indicate that the system has NEVER been updated. Can you update to current and re-try playing the file?

This is the most current , I used the osmc installer(windows) and rc3 . I re downloaded the image as well .
I have tested on RC2 and no problem it works without errors.!!!???

It was working and this happened mid stream last night

No, it is not most current until it is able to update. Please use the manual update function in MyOSMC.

Could you try a different stream? Is it only caused by a specific stream



what do you mean , so the osmc installer downloads an old image

I updated it last night through myosmc and it made no difference???

There have been MANY updates to many different parts of OSMC since the RC3 install image was created. We will not build the image every single time a small update has been pushed. This is no different than any other operating system. Even Windows requires updates after install.