"Error: Share Not Available" when trying to access SMB/Network drive

Alrighty, so I just updated to the latest RC, my Raspberry Pi B+ and I are having a love/hate relationship at the moment.

I’m trying to re-add my library, but I keep getting this “Share Not Available” dialog whenever I try to access SMB list in “Add Video Source”. I’ve tried pointing it to the folder I want (as best I can) using IP address, but it simply says that the network is unavailable.

I have access to the net, I’m using a wifi adapter (Belkin, not sure of the model) and my PC is connected to a simple Linksys router. But none of this should be a problem, as under Alpha 4 I had access to my network drive with very little issues.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this? My Pi is about ready to be thrown out the window!

I wonder about 2 things here:
a) did you update alpha4 to RC or do a clean install of RC?
b) have you fallen foul of a Windows update on your PC (they sometimes change unexpected things)?

I had done a fresh install of RC. I haven’t installed any Windows updates in about 2 weeks so nothing in that respect has changed.

I decided to move over to OpenElec for the time being as I’m running into a few issues with OSMC. I suppose that is to be expected with something not even close to a stable release, so I figured I’ll go back to what I know until a stable release for OSMC is realised.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue. Rpi2 with a clean install of OSMC. I managed to add smb shares on a NAS by browsing, but then can’t access the files unless I reboot the Pi. It can then see the files but if it’s left, it seems to forget the connection or doesn’t wake up the NAS. Previously on Raspbmc you would audibly hear the disk on the NAS spin up as the file was accessed.