Errors were encountered while processing: armv7-diskmount-osmc

I got a notice that something went wrong upgrade armv7-diskmount, and that I should report it here. I’ve created an account and I think I’ve uploaded the correct logs, but let me know if you need more info. Here are my apt logs:

I’m on OSMC July 2017.07-1 btw.

You activated the staging (experimental) repository when you installed the Bluetooth audio improvements, and ran an upgrade on this experimental repository before switching back to the stable version.

This error is expected.
For a stable experience, stick to updates via the normal release channel only.

Huh. I was quite sure I had switched back, but apparently I forgot. To those running into this topic later, I followed this guide, except that I apparently hadn’t run sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/a2dp.list as described there.

Thanks for the very prompt help Sam! I ran the command again and then did a manual install, and again received an error message, this time about armv7-udisks-osmc: logs. But otherwise it does not say there are any updates any more, so I guess it’s all good now?

The UDisks version has been superseded, so your system is a bit borked now.
It should be resolved when a new updated package is release. That should be soon.

OK, I’l await that then :slight_smile: Thanks!

Alternatively you can try the instructions in this post just ensure that you removed the staging repository for sure before.

The reinstall unfortunately failed on, as far as I could see, the same errors. I’ll wait for the updated package :slight_smile: