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I’m rather tempted with the new Vero5 but am concerned about additional charges with customs’ fees and added VAT, being in Europe. Does anyone have any experience to share on the matter? I’m based in France but it should be much the same problem elsewhere.
I assume they are still all sent from the UK?
Thanks for the ideas.

We have some EU resellers, but not a French specific one at this time that’s stocked.

We ship from the UK promptly and you will receive a bill from LaPoste to settle some fees. @Smurphy can probably advise as he likes to give me money order regularly. I am sure he is familiar with the process.



in France, I paid an extra 17.87 euros to customs. So yes - there is that.
Note that the actual VAT is not the issue. It is the “lump” sum for the service they add (customs office).

When you receive the shipping, the post-office (La Poste) will send you an online tax payment request you can pay via credit/debit card

So 17.87 all in? That’s good to know.

Hi there,

Thanks - am surprised at this. From my understand there’s 20% VAT regardless of the product value and additional customs fees. There’s a 150 euro mark that comes into and a fees (not tax) exemption if the product is a “UK product” (not sure what defines being a UK product!).

If you don’t mind asking, 17.87 was the total extra paid for a Vero V? I would have expected worse.

@sam_nazarko What are your official EU resellers? No harm in going via them I assume in that case? No rush regarding stocks, I’d probably have to wait early 2024 before ordering anyway.

Thanks for the input


Current EU resellers with stock are:


I’m not sure about their delivery commitments to France.

Import VAT, duties and handling will be charged by the importing country’s rates. In the UK, VAT is 20%, but we do not charge this when exporting outside of the UK.

Keep in mind that there is actually zero tariffs between UK and EU trade based on ROO and EU-UK CTA (2020) agreement (conditions permitting). Although last significant place of manufacture occurs within the UK, I never contested this and we simply prefer to send DDU with CN22/23 and have the destination country handle the import. We trialled IOSS but this just led to a lot of double charging (we paid duties in advance but the customer also got charged).

There’s a bit of fear from some customers about ordering from us post-Brexit but things do get there, paying customs is easy and isn’t usually a huge sum. The only exception I can think of is Brazil where it’s 60%!!

I can only recommend the distributor WElectron.
Very reliable.
Shipping cost

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Interestingly in Switzerland I didn’t get any customs charge. Ordered directly from the OSMC site.

Thank you all for your responses. If VAT isn’t charged on exports (and therefore I pay french VAT on french) I’m completely content with that ; I’d just rather avoid paying double VATs! I assume that 149 is the price inclusive of VAT that gets removed once I confirm the cart before payment.

Thanks again for the advice.

£149 is the worldwide price, inclusive of delivery. EU orders won’t levy a VAT charge as the place of supply is outside a VATable area.

Thanks for the advice again.
So the 149GBP shown and paid excludes UK VAT - I assume this is because I’m using a french browser.
Ordered - I’ll see what happens with french VAT and customs, hopefully process will be as smooth.

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Yes – we charge £149 regardless of destination.

If you’re in the UK, that includes VAT, if you’re not, it doesn’t.
But we keep the price the same because shipping outside of the UK is obviously more expensive and we want to keep a consistent sales price.

I’ve shipped this for you. You should have received tracking information already.

Ah ok that makes more sense now.
Superb, thank you again for the fast response ; looking forward to receiving it!

That’s quite true. I put up ordering another 4k+ a while ago, and was very hesitant with the V now because of this issue. (I just ordered the V now, because, ya’know, I really want one. :slight_smile: )

And I also can vouch for the dual-charge problems with supposedly pre-cleared shipments; that happened to me before as well (not with OSMC, completly unrelated), and it IS a pain.

Still, with all this said, I’d feel much more comfortable to order from OSMC with my order pre-cleared. Perhaps you can look into this option again at some point in the future.


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We can look at it when IOSS is properly harmonised in the EU.

Do come back here post delivery and let us know how it went.

For my Vero V delivered in North France I paid just 4€ to ASENDIA.LAPOSTE.FR online,immediately after having received notification by mail that my package was in the customs. It was also written that if Indidn’t pay online but to the delivery man it would have been more expensive.
In the mail there was a link, I clicked on it, did the payment and the day after I received my Vero V


Hah. Lucky you :} I paid over 17 … But Ok :slight_smile: It is France after all.

Hi all,

5 calendar days from order to reception, can’t complain! Same as @Asimov1973 , SMS received, paid online and pretty easy process as it happens. Many thanks @sam_nazarko for the fast and painless delivery process.

@sam_nazarko I don’t believe seeing a UK → Fr in the box of the Vero itself, could it floating around in the packaging foam ? I’ll double check tonight.

Haven’t had the chance to test the device - I may have to use the Vero 4k+ PSU in the weekend to do some some setting up but am looking forward to it!

No custom fees in Switzerland for the Vero V and 4 or 5 years ago I did not have fees as well for the Vero 4k!

You mean power plug? The respective Europe PSU should be supplied not a converter