Exceptional Service!

I worked service and support for several years and know how difficult it is, to day in and day out , hear complaints, many which have nothing to do with your product.

Just want to say you guys do an exceptional job dealing with the volume of diverse complaints and issues.






So true.
The endless support is from beyond this universe.
It’s appreciated guys!

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My initial impressions were similar to the positive sentiment expressed here, but unfortunately my recent experience has been very different.

I purchased four Vero 4K+ units last year, one of which arrived faulty (image flickering, degraded resolution). We went through all the usual tests with different screens, cables etc and established beyond doubt that the problem was with the Vero itself.

After a couple of prompts Sam finally responded to the ticket, apologising that he had been unwell but promising to fix the issue by that weekend. After another month of radio silence, he got back saying the ticket had been “archived in error” but again promised to resolve it asap. Yet another month has passed since then (making it three months in total since the original ticket was raised), and there has been zero progress.

I accept sometimes units can be faulty, and errors can of course happen from time to time, and I certainly hope all is well with Sam himself, but from my perspective receiving a faulty product and then sending numerous messages with no follow-up for three months is extremely frustrating.

I hope my experience is an exception rather than the rule, but either way that’s not of much comfort tbh…

Can you let me know your ticket number so I can check this as a matter of urgency?


Thanks for confirming the ticket number.

I can see that return instructions / details were sent some time ago.

This would have been sent as a separate email and not part of the ticket. Can you check the spam folder of your email?

I’ve created a new ticket for you, and attached the return details to that ticket.

Please confirm that you have received the information so we can get this solved promptly.

Many thanks


Thanks for the reply Sam; appreciate it.

You’re welcome – sorry about the delays here. I’ll turn this around promptly for you


Hi Sam, it’s been another 3 weeks and still nothing?

I’ve asked for some shipping details in the ticket as I don’t believe anything has been received back from you yet.

Did you include the ticket number with the package as suggested?



I’ve had a similar poor experience as the previous poster. I was shipped a bad unit (no wifi, eventually stopped booting) and it took 2 months and a dozen emails to get a replacement. Response time between emails was often days, sometimes a week. Sam’s responses to specific questions were often incomplete or things like “I’ll get back to you in a couple of days”, “I’ll get back to you by the end of the week”, “cannot reproduce your problem”.

Eventually he replaced my device and the replacement worked perfectly. So indeed the device was defective in spite of Sam’s repetitive claims that he could not reproduce any of my problems.

To add insult to injury, in spite of his initial statement that he would reimburse me for my cost to return the original device via international shipping, he later claimed he would not do so because “the original device was not faulty”.

So I would say “buyer beware”. You might get a good unit (judging from comments here, most people do). But if you get a bad one, you might get a runaround like I did.

I recognize that electronic devices are sometimes faulty and problems are hard to diagnose. I’m fine with that. What really burns me is the poor customer service here.

This thread illustrates some of the runaround I got:

My understanding is that you have received a replacement device which is functioning as expected. I’m glad to hear this. Once again, I could not reproduce a problem with your device after reinstalling OSMC from osmc.tv/download. I did ask for some clarification on how to reproduce the issue.

Regarding @ivesselinov’s issue, I am waiting for a response for him. I have indeed received his device back and inspected it, and we’ve been in touch since.

He reported flickering on the HDMI port in Kodi menus, and as he has purchased three other devices from us, I immediately suggested he return the device.

But upon receiving it, I can see that the flickering occurs because he had 1080i output enabled and have asked him to check with his other devices. There is currently a bug where enabling 1080i under Settings → Display can cause some flickering. Our plan in the near future is to remove interlaced output modes from Kodi as they don’t provide a benefit. Changing the resolution to 1080p remedies the situation.

@fuddy – I am sorry that you feel you’ve had a bad experience. We processed the RMA within 28 days of receipt of goods as we aim for. Hopefully this will be the last of your problems, but we are here if you have any issues.



Again, deflection and “unable to reproduce”, implying that the customer was wrong.
Again, incomplete response, with no mention of failed promise to reimburse return shipping.

This is your forum. You’ll always have the last word.
I’m done here and won’t waste any more time going back and forth with you.

I’m not interested in arguing with you either. I stated quite clearly at the time that we do not have a mechanism to generate return labels via USPS.

You were given a new, replacement device and this was shipped back to you free of charge after no issue was reproduced. I was able to boot the device you returned, I was able to connect to a local WiFi network and did not experience an issue where there was no HDMI signal unless pressure was applied to the device.

Sometimes things go wrong and we always do our best to put them right. In this case, it was to give you a new unit for peace of mind.