Support emails not being answered

I’m trying to get a status update on the defective vero 4k that I returned to you for replacement. I’ve sent a couple of emails but it’s been a week and haven’t received any response. Could you please investigate and get back to me?

The original order number is: 34946
The reference number on your previous emails regarding this is: 235909
Quick summary: wifi didn’t work, unit returned for replacement, haven’t heard back from you.

Hi Derek,

This has been received back and is undergoing some checks.
I received your email dated 28/03, but didn’t reply yet as I won’t have confirmation of the issue and repair details until the end of the week

Many thanks


Well, it’s now Saturday and you told me last Tuesday by email that you’d “have an update for me in a couple of days”. I don’t understand the delay. You send me a defective unit. I returned it. All you have to do is plug it in, observe that it doesn’t work, and send me the promised replacement. Can you tell me why this is taking so long? I ordered this thing back at the end of February and still have nothing to show for it.

I received the unit back a couple of days ago. As promised, you will receive an update by the end of the week with a resolution.



Sam, I’m trying to get a status update on the shipment of my replacement unit. Once again you’re not responding to my email. Could you please check your email and get back to me? Thanks. --Derek

Derek – this shipment was handed over to USPS on Friday, and I sent you a tracking email.
I have re-sent these details to you.

My recommendation is to use another email address for tickets in the future as there seems to be a deliverability issue. This occurs with AT&T/Bellsouth email addresses occasionally and it is out of our hands. You will likely be missing other emails too. Alternatively you can view tickets on the OSMC website.

I did receive the tracking number (you sent it on 4/6). And each time I prod you on this forum I receive an email from you answering my preceeding email.

I have no problem conducting business with amazon, ebay, my banks, or numerous other venders that I deal with.

I don’t have a “deliverability issue”.

If you prefer not to service your customers via “” or your time constraints don’t permit you to do so in a timely manner, then just say so and tell us to create an account and use your “ticket” system.

Claiming that you respond to my emails but my ISP doesn’t deliver them is disingenuous.

It is widely known [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] (you get the jist) that AT&T and Bell South have deliverability issues.

This has been a problem for years and has never been fixed properly.

Despite this widely known problem, and the fact that it is through no fault of our own, we regularly write to the AT&T postmaster and have the restrictions lifted to do our best for deliverability so users can use OSMC services, including the forums and support system. Sometimes this falls on deaf ears and we have to just wait until we get a response from AT&T. The situation is so bad, that some companies actually give advice on sending emails to SBC / Bellsouth / AT&T customers:

Our mail server is not on any RBLs, and this is the only email address that we have delivery issues with.

Regardless, correspondence can also be made and viewed via the My OSMC interface.

Despite being unable to produce an issue with your device, a replacement board was shipped to you as agreed last Friday with tracking details sent to you. I re-sent these details to you today.

If you’re having a problem getting emails from us, you will have a problem getting them from anyone who runs their own mail server as well. This is more common than you would think.

The ticketing system and the email are one and the same.

The ticketing system (which you already have an account with) allows you to open tickets and update them without doing so by email.

Thank you for your understanding


Then it seems strange that (some? all of?) your emails do get through to me. I would think that either AT&T is blocking them, or it isn’t. Not half and half. Anyway, I just want the device I paid for 2 months ago and to be done with this. I won’t be doing business with you in the future, obviously.

I turned this around as promptly as possible (given receipt and testing of the item). While I couldn’t reproduce an issue, I did change the board for you. As a result, this device will have a different MAC address and if you have set an IP reservation on your router, it will need updating.

Further – as the remote hasn’t been used for some time, you may need to hold Home and OK buttons for a few seconds to re-pair it with the receiver.

I will keep monitoring the tracking and check-in with you once you have received the replacement device.